Evan Peters Mercury in the X-men

The 8 Best Moments of Evan Peters Mercury in the X-men Films

In recent weeks, the  Mercury  of  Evan Peters  gained prominence in the media, although the films of the  X-Men  of  Fox  have come to an end. The reason? The sprinter is now part of  WandaVision , which has raised many questions and doubts on the part of fans. After all, are the gates of the  Multiverse  open in  the Marvel Cinematic Universe ?

Well, we do not know say with total certainty if Pietro Maximoff  series is the same  Peter Maximoff  seen in the movies of the  X-Men  of  Fox . One way or another, we’re going to take a look at what Evan Peters has already done on board, and here are the 8 best moments from Mercury in the X-Men films  !

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Mercury leads Mystic on the battlefield

Mercury leads Mystic on the battlefield

From which movie: X-Men: Apocalypse

In all his appearances in films of X-Men , the Mercury of Evan Peters he stood out not only for its accurate and erratic personality, but also his powers, since his superspeed always seemed higher than the version of the character in the MCU . A simple and beautiful example of this is in X-Men: Apocalypse .

The film is definitely not the best adventure of the Children of the Atom in theaters, but it brings a very interesting climax when the heroes unite to face En Sabah Nur and the Knights of the Apocalypse . In the scene, we can see Mercury leading Mystique across the battlefield, as it scraps debris and defies even the laws of gravity.

Space rescue

From which movie: X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Black Phoenix promised to be a better adaptation of Marvel ‘s popular eponymous saga, but it ended up being the official burial of the X-Men franchise. The film suffers from too many characters, little focus on the plot and ghastly visual effects, but we have to say that the opening scene still stands out as a highlight of the film franchise.

In it, we can see the X-Men (who are now seen as heroes in the public eye) rescuing a group of astronauts from a destroyed base in space. Before the catastrophe begins, Mercury joins Nocturne to rescue the astronauts. Unfortunately, it is one of the few scenes with the sprinter’s participation in the film, as he disappears from the middle to the end.

Mercury’s secret

From which movie: X-Men: Apocalypse

Although this was undone by an (awful) editorial decision in recent years, Mercury was originally regarded as one of Magneto’s sons , along with the Scarlet Witch . When Fox decided to bring the sprinter to theaters, they did not think twice about connecting him to the Master of Magnetism, which ended up generating good moments.

In X-Men: Apocalypse , we are fully aware that Peter Maximoff is Magneto’s son and that he knows this, although the same cannot be said about his father. Throughout the film, we see the young sprinter struggling with the dilemma of telling his father or not about his existence, which culminates in a great dialogue in the third act, where Mística talks about the villain’s family.


From which film: X-Men: Days of Future Past

When we talk about Mercury in Days of the Forgotten Future , many remember (rightly) the iconic “kitchen scene”, where we have a great glimpse of its powers. However, the character is introduced in another scene, where a conversation with Professor X , the Beast and Wolverine begins .

Basically, we see the three mutants trying to invite him on Magneto’s rescue mission . And in just a few minutes of the scene, we can already get a very clear sense of Peter Maximoff ‘s personality and powers , as he runs and leaves the mutant leaders completely bewildered. It is curious to think that, in the original script, the Fanatic would be in his place.

Mercury vs. Apocalypse

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From which movie: X-Men: Apocalypse

The final battle of the X-Men against the Apocalypse is, without a doubt, another highlight of the film. For the first time in the franchise, we can see the heroes acting as a team, using their powers together and spending all their resources to face the millennial mutant. Mercury is one that stands out in this epic battle.

When everything seems lost and his allies seem defeated, Peter Maximoff uses his super speed to deliver a series of very devastating blows in Apocalypse. The scene itself also mixes the slow motion typical of the character’s scenes, but takes a sinister turn when the Egyptian mutant finds a way to “overcome” Peter’s abilities.

Me, my X-Men!

From which movie: X-Men: Apocalypse

Talking a little about this “team feeling” provoked by X-Men: Apocalypse , we cannot forget one of the best scenes in the film, which seemed to dictate a golden path for the Children of the Atom in theaters (that is, until it was completely ignored in Black Phoenix ). We’re talking about the final sequence, which features the new X-Men .

The scene is very beautiful for bringing various costumes faithful to the comics – all promptly discarded in the sequel – and for presenting the Sala do Perigo as we know and love it. Although it is not a sequel where Mercury steals the show, it is a lot of fun to see him becoming a Son of the Atom and getting a very cute costume of his own.

Destruction at the Xavier Mansion

From which movie: X-Men: Apocalypse

Still, the hero’s best scene in X-Men: Apocalypse takes place in the middle of the film, when the Xavier Mansion is destroyed by Apocalypse and his Knights in a brutal attack. Fortunately, our heroic sprinter was already “passing by” when he feels the shock and goes into ultra-fast mode to help the victims at the Mansion.

The whole sequence happens to the sound of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) , a classic of Eurythmics . Here, we have an even grander version of the hero sequence in Days of the Forgotten Future , as he uses his skills in a variety of unusual circumstances. The only problem is that the scene extends much more than it should and is a little repetitive.

Assault on the Pentagon

From which film: X-Men: Days of Future Past

In three films, no scene has managed to overcome the iconic X-Men moment : Days of Future Past where Mercury demonstrates all the insane ability of its super-speed, while outlining security guards in a kitchen at the Pentagon. There is a lot that makes this scene fantastic, but the practical effects certainly take the top prize.

Basically, to compose the scene, different techniques and camera games were used, in order to create that feeling that time is totally “stopped”. In addition, the way Mercury sees time itself dictates the whole tone of the scene, raising it to maximum power. Also worthy of note is the soundtrack: Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce .

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