The sentimental relationship between the singer  Grimes  and  Elon Musk, has given much to talk about in recent times. Last September, for example, Musk acknowledged that they were “semi-separated ” but seemed to leave the door open for a possible reconciliation by stating that they still loved each other very much and maintained a very cordial treatment for the sake of his son.

Now the artist seems to confirm the  final breakup of the couple through a new song recently released and entitled “Player of Games“, which apparently alludes to the billionaire to imply that she was never his priority. In the song’s lyrics, Grimes states:

” I am in love with
the best player,
but he will always love the game
more than he loves me “

” Sail into
the cold expanse of space.
Not even love
could keep you in your place .”

For those who may not know, Musk, the founder of  Tesla, used to work as a video game creator before making his first million dollars at the age of 27. And of course, everyone knows Musk’s obsession with conquering commercial space travel through his Space X venture.

Their respective  careers  have been one of the main  reasons  the couple have grown apart of late, she spends most of the year in Los Angeles and she is based in Texas.

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