Inspector Canardo, L’Amerzone, Sybéria, so many works that we owe to Benoît Sokal. Screenwriter, designer, director and artistic director, he worked for comics and video games for more than 40 years. Unfortunately, it is to announce bad news that we are talking about it today.

It is through the press that Microids, with whom Benoît Sokal collaborated for many years, which teaches us the disappearance of the Belgian artist at the age of 66 after a long illness.

Benoît Sokal therefore passed away yesterday, leaving behind many works, including Inspector Canardo, Sanguine, Paradise, Kraa, Aquarica, l’Amerzone, the Drowned Island and three installments in the Syberia adventure game series.

Known above all for being a talented scriptwriter and cartoonist, Benoît has above all left his mark on the video game industry around the world with his various productions for more than twenty-five years. A true visionary and exceptional artist, he left his mark on Microids’ history with his work. Benoît Sokal was a hard worker who worked for video games with the creation, in 1999, of The Amerzone: The Explorer’s Testament. His artistic touch has shaped an unforgettable universe for many players around the world.

This experience led him to become for several years the artistic director of Microids. Benoît also distinguished himself by the creation of a cult video game franchise: Syberia. He has succeeded with talent in transposing his love for Eastern Europe and its history by offering singular adventures that continue to mark fans with his exceptional work, indicates Microids in its press release.

Our hearts go out to his family and loved ones.

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