Everything seems to indicate that the avatar fever lives on thirteen years after its original release in 2009. Over the weekend it has grossed $30 million for its theatrical revival. In the United States it has been third behind the king woman y Do not worry dear.

According to Box Office Mojothe remastered 4K HDR version of Avatar, which is returning to theaters, has grossed $20.5 million globally and $10 million in the United States. A total of 30,500,000 dollars that enter the coffers of Disney – to which 20th Century Fox belongs – for a film that is more than a decade old.

In addition, 93% of the tickets that have been sold, at least in the United States, correspond to the version of Avatar in 3D. A significant increase of 74% during its original release in 2009.

Avatar It was, between 2009 and 2019, the highest grossing film in history, until the premiere of Avengers: Endgame. But following a post-pandemic revival in China, he regained his top spot. The release of this remastered version, globally, will only strengthen its position at the top of the ranking.

The remastered 4K HDR version of Avatar was re-released last Friday, September 23 in Mexico. In Spain it can be seen in theaters starting this Friday, September 30.

Some people on social networks have assured that they bought tickets to see Avatar 2to the surprise that the performance was for the revival of the original film:

Even so, we highly doubt that the impressive numbers of the Avatar re-release were the fault of clueless people who were sure that they would see the sequel, and not the first installment of the saga. The original plan is for the film to be in theaters for two weeks, but seeing the results of the first weekend, it is very likely that they will stretch it.

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