Cyberpunk 2077: Studio asks Players to stop sleeping with Keanu Reeves

Cyberpunk 2077: Studio asks Players to stop sleeping with Keanu Reeves

Game hailed by the public and by the press for its PC version, Cyberpunk 2077 can also accommodate many mods to diversify the gaming experience. Retired today, one of them allowed players to spend a night with Keanu Reeves, which CD Projekt didn’t like. We explain this in the first daily of the day.

If the console versions of Cyberpunk 2077 disappoint with the lack of optimization on PS4 or Xbox One, the PC version allows you to better appreciate the game. If the latter is not free of bugs, it has the advantage of being able to receive mods, modifications made by users to change the gaming experience. With this process, the game can, for example, be played in third person view, even if it is not intended for that. Although it is often the community behind the creation of mods, CD Projekt has nevertheless made a contribution to the edifice. Yesterday the studio released on its site a toolbox for modding. However, to use them, you must respect the rules put in place by the developers. An aspect taken seriously by the Polish firm.


Catmino, modder, had posted on Nexus Mods a modification allowing players to sleep with Keanu Reeves (Johnny SilverHand): by applying the appearance of the actor on a prostitute, People could then spend a night with him. However, this mod caused a problem for CD Projekt. The latter explain to Globe Live Media that “mods should not be harmful to others“. While the studio gives modders carte blanche for NPCs created from scratch, it asks players to respect NPCs whose models come from real people and encourage them to “refrain from using them in any situation that could be deemed offensive.” Today, the mod has been removed from the site and Catmino is currently in discussions with the studio to resolve this dispute.

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