The project, which will function as a cryptocurrency education center, will be open for free to anyone.

Starting next Thursday, February 3, citizens, companies, universities and actors interested in learning about crypto assets will find in San Benito, in San Salvador, a space to strengthen their knowledge and navigate the world of digital investments.

This place, which has been named The House of Bitcoin, is projected as a new center for education and training on cryptocurrencies, with free and accessible learning opportunities around bitcoin, with the aim of promoting financial inclusion.

The executor of the project is Paxful, a US financing platform that allows transactions and sending money with the purchase and sale of these currencies, and which during 2021 developed several projects on financial education with institutions such as the Francisco Gavidia University (UFG) and unions such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of El Salvador (Camarasal).

Renata Rodrigues, global marketing manager of the company, explained that the idea of ​​the free education center arose from the exploration they carried out in different sectors of the territory, and in which they discovered that many salvadorans have understood that crypto is an asset that power the economy, but they consider that there are still knowledge gaps in this regard.

“The hub will further fuel the next wave of massive bitcoin adoption and equip growing segments such as small merchants and local businesses with tools to connect to a global community of users. If there is education, this ecosystem will work in the country”, stressed Rodrigues.

As the executive explained, anyone, regardless of age, who wants to learn about cryptocurrencies will be able to come home and access information. The same opening will be with entities or bitcoiners who want to offer their own classes.

What will La Casa del Bitcoin offer?

The courses will be taught by both national and international experts, and will be divided into segments with a theoretical part and a practical part.

In the theoretical part of the basic level, it will be about what is bitcoin, what is the «blockchain»; at the intermediate level, we will talk about how to buy crypto, what is an electronic wallet, how to use it; and in the advanced, trading strategies, daily uses of crypto and mining.

In February alone, 43 courses of this type and seven workshops with more specific topics such as marketing strategies for cryptocurrency are available. Hours are Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Each class is four hours.

Likewise, Will Hernández, manager of Paxful Latin America, explained that at the moment each lesson will have capacity for 30 people and thus maintain biosecurity measures. To access them, you will have to register and check the quotas on the site

“We will have educational events that raise awareness about the benefits of buying and selling bitcoins as a means of exchange for the local community,” said Hernández.

This educational bet, which will have an investment of close to $200,000 by Paxful, plans to open space for entrepreneurs related to cryptocurrencies and Lightning ATMs, so that students can apply the knowledge acquired in the same space.

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