If you require to exchange Tether for Payeer, you must operate the services of certain online exchangers.

How exchange sites work

Online exchangers function on the same regulation as the offline issues: they get one electronic coin and administer another, but only after recalculation at the currently selected rate. In general, the rate is approximately at the same level. Nevertheless, each service is barely different, plus it may have its own “tricks” (for instance, for a certain amount, it is even lower or a low rate with additional commissions). You can acquaint yourself with the requirements presented by exchangers by going to the portal Bestchange. Here, delivering data about trustworthy and confirmed online resources is secured, therefore, users are protected from scammers.

BestChange is the most extensive aggregator of well-known electronic exchangers; the resource describes each service. In addition, you can directly make a deal on the conditions you are curious in without even leaving the portal.

How to operate the aggregator portal

Using the exchanger aggregator portal is very easy and suitable. Plus, it provides free data, i.e. When using BestChange, a site visitor does not lose anything but only wins because he can fast discover the swap service that offers the most profitable terms of cooperation.

So, on the portal’s main page, you must determine the direction of interest in the relevant fields, in our case, exchange Tether TRC20 (USDT) to Payeer euro, and the system will redirect you to the page like this. Here, a table will be loaded as a rating of exchangers, i.e., those presenting the most profitable rate for the client are located in the top positions. Choosing an online exchange service operating this table is quite fortunate because all the data that requires to be analyzed is presented:

  • name of the exchanger, its age, and country;
  • operating mode (automatic, semi-automatic, manual);
  • additional conditions (commissions, limits on amounts, the need to register on an exchange resource, etc.);
  • foreign swap reserve;
  • reviews (real users leave them, those who have earlier used the services of this exchanger).

Before running a Tether USDT stablecoin in TRC-20 network transaction using BestChange, confirm that the reserve is adequate to cover your amount; otherwise, the exchange process may be delayed until the needed amount of funds arrives at the exchanger. For an accurate mensuration, you can use a special online calculator; here, you will require to enter the donated amount in Payeer E-Wallet euro, and the system will calculate the accounts that will go to the Wallet.

If the exchange service suddenly stops working correctly and you need to transfer money urgently, set the “Double exchange” option. The system will offer alternative choices.

For cases when the user does not suit any of the suggested rates and wants to exchange Payer euro more profitably, the “Notification” option is provided. You just need to leave your contacts and display the needs you are interested in; then, the system will send a message about this when suitable suggestions arise.

How to work with an exchanger

Once the exchanger is established, click on its name to go to the desired site automatically. There, you will have to fill out the downloaded form, indicate the amount in Payeer, the direction of swap, electronic wallet numbers, mobile phone, and e-mail. Further, the process will not be complicated; for this, you will be required to follow the easy steps defined in the education of the online exchange office. The application rate can always be viewed in the related area of the exchanger.

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