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Perspectives of MATIC: From business to gambling

After the exchange market crash not so long ago there are a couple of fresh assets emerged. It is natural for traders to look for investing avenues aside from prominent BTC and ETH. One of them MATIC shows a much better price trajectory than most of the altcoins due to many innovative blockchain features on board. One of the latest news about the token is the statement by Polygon (MATIC developer) about cutting CO2 emission by 95% at the beginning of 2023. Pretty bold direction to take but it opens more partnership opportunities with more eco-oriented projects in the future.

Many applications have been launched on Polygon Blockchain including private custom chains, crypto dice game software, and the NFT project by Reddit. It is only a couple of small examples with dozens of much bigger projects in development. If for some reason MATIC is not familiar to you, this article is the best opportunity to learn defining features of the coin.

Major selling points of MATIC

Released in 2017 as a result of Ethereum projects redefining the concept of a blockchain itself Polygon (former MATIC network) keeps pushing for innovation. It offers a multi-purpose chain constructor for businesses or crypto enthusiasts to build their projects in a couple of clicks. The privacy of transactions is a key feature in freshly launched Polygon Nightfall provided zero-knowledge proofs and quick validators.

MATIC can be easily (sometimes automatically) exchanged inside the network with a variety of decentralized exchanges. Their algorithms were based on the Polygon blockchain which makes transaction speed unmatched by popular exchanges like Honeyswap or DODO. Top 3 Polygon exchanges to use:

  •       Quickswap;
  •       Uniswap;
  •       Sushiswap.

Decentralization results in the absence of 3rd party between a seller and buyer. Such an approach guarantees partial anonymity and the fact users can have total control of their wallets. It is also important in the light of recent scandals involving shady centralized exchanges just disappearing with all the cryptocurrency stored there.

Many gambling companies show interest in Polygon Chain due to the ease of development of applications and high transaction speed. There are already a couple of matic dice games released and a dozen on the way!

Dice apps are decentralized now

A good example to show the diversity of MATIC Network would be the aforementioned slot and dice software. These decentralized applications are a good way to multiply popular coins without developing complex market strategies or alternative coin investing. Like other gambling programs, Polygon dice have a set percentage of tokens won back by the players. If this value is above 95% then the chances to end a session with more cash in the pockets than before are positive. Top 5D decentralized apps on the market:

  •       HunnyPlay;
  •       PlotX;
  •       Crystal (Polygon);
  •       MetaDice;
  •       Decentralized Games Polygon.

If you are keen on regular casino software then some places accepting MATIC along with BTC, ETH, and DOGE. Moreover, crypto deposits can activate welcome bonuses like regular ones! A great opportunity to win even more money than in your pockets right now.

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