Important! BTC is already close to 29,000 dollars. Ethereum lost half the value it generated last year… Invest in Binance or switch to crypto?

Important! BTC is already close to 29,000 dollars. Ethereum lost half the value it generated last year… Invest in Binance or switch to crypto?

BTC ETH BNB, are one of the three cryptocurrencies most sought after by the investing public, however, lately they have been in massive decline since the last few months. Generating even general losses in almost 50% of what they were valued in the past year. Will this be a goodbye to the purchase of these three cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin Analysis of the Day – New Bearish Peak for BTC

As of yesterday, April 9, the famous Bitcoin cryptocurrency had a value of around  $33,552.26  at 8:54 am. However, today it is worth  $32,209.72  at 8:52 am, giving it a loss percentage of (-4.04%) over the last 24 hours.

It would seem unbelievable, but Bitcoin falls by almost $1,000 every day, which would put investors on red alert, where their amounts would already be half of what they were in November 2021.
Without going too far, as far as the weekly range, yesterday broke BTC even more, placing losses at (- 16.32%) in the last 7 days.

Its current graph would start as normal, but arriving at noon would cause a big break, which would give them an end at 10:00 p.m. The night and early morning, they would remain with high and low movements but not altering in almost anything.
However, only by 6 in the morning, the figures would begin to rise in medium proportions that would last until the current time.
The highest amount occurred at 9:14 am, with an amount of $33,705.85 . While the lowest amount, it happened today at 2:34 am, with a total of $29,961.93.

Ethereum Analysis of the Day – Alarming! It’s already down to ($2,200)
This comparison would start yesterday at 8:59 am, where it would reach the value of  $2,452.62 . So ending today at 8:54 am, which your numbers would  be around $2,405.69 , these final results are attached with losses of (-1.93%) over the last 24 hours.

All the amounts stipulated in this week are bearish from beginning to end, due to the comparison obtained in a monthly range. Even so, there would be notable amounts such as those that occurred on May 4.
Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the latest values ​​obtained, where they would already generate losses at a percentage of (- 15.31%) during the last week.

The chart of the day would have many long breaks that in turn have bullish amounts, this started at 12:10 pm and lasted until 3 am. In its continuation, most of the lost amounts were recovered, and it is very possible that it will continue like this for a few more hours.

During the evening hours, there would not be any very attractive amount for the benefit of the investors (only if at this time you just invested, you saw a minimum amount of profit).

As far as the highest figure is concerned, this one occurred at 11:20 am, with a total of $2,460.83 . While the lowest amount happened today at 2:34 am, with a total of $2,208.75 .

BNB Day Analysis – Goodbye Trading Volume

The newest darling of the investing public, BNB was worth  $345.98  as of 8:54am yesterday. While for today at 8:52 am, you have a total amount of  $327.74. This would end up with fewer values ​​and resulting in losses in percentage to (- 5.21%).

This would be the 5th day in a row that we see Binance charts fall in medium and/or large proportions. Which would have a consequence of losses to the value of (- 15.72%) during the last 7 days.
Speaking more in today’s context, the numbers would begin to drop from the first 15 minutes of starting the analysis, falling disproportionately in medium and prolonged proportions, until 3:44 am. The following hours would only have recovered a large percentage of the losses of the previous day.
Its lowest value occurred today at 2:34 am, with a total of $291.08. While the highest amount was seen yesterday at 9:14 am, with a total of $346.73.

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