Ethereum and the next quote: Grayscale ETF?

The arrival of the first Bitcoin ETFs on the American market has not only meant new all-time highs on the main global cryptocurrencies, but has also opened the door to an already irreversible path. The next thing, experts wonder, may be new ETFs also on currencies, a more difficult path to travel. But as a former SEC official has commented, from the American markets regulator to Marketwatch, it can come from an ETF … but this time on  Ethereum .  

It is known to all that the path was opened at the end of September by Canada, including on Ethereum, which, as many experts in the crypto market point out, has become “digital oil” and an essential component of digital finance, via NFT and others. DeFi applications. And despite the SEC’s reluctance to protect investors, now it may be Ether’s turn.

And it is, right now, the great run run in the market, if not immediately, yes for 2022. And it is that the options market is directing its upward bet on the value in futures to a greater extent than in cash Ethereum assets , as we see in the image in this Deribit chart on Ethereum futures for September 30, 2025.

Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein already spoke a few days ago about this possibility and considers it logical that the SEC considers granting that go-ahead in the American market. In the end, it is also a matter of business, because many of the large investors, such as Cathie Woods’ Ark Invest , are already betting on these ETFs on crypto futures in Ether and Bitcoin in Canada, up to 4 of the second virtual currency in market importance.

Today Altair is also scheduled, the first update of the Beacon Chain main network, and everyone is wondering if with this more energy efficient protocol than Bitcoin it can be another touchstone in that invisible and silent competition between both digital currencies. Remember, in addition, that with the first approved ETF, Ethereum reached new historical highs and a market capitalization of more than 500,000 million, no less, on which, in recent days, it has corrected.

In its quotation graph, we see how the asset gains 10.4% in the last five sessions, with a month in which it rises 46.85%. Its quarterly advances reach 87.5% while in what we have been in 2021, it rises 469% and the increase since October of last year is 941%

This “war” between the two is revealed in a curious study carried out by Finder, which indicates that one in 10 investors already owns cryptographic assets , although this level is much higher, exceeding 15% in countries like Australia. or Malaysia, with the US in 10th place and the UK in 20th. In the specific case of Ethereum, it is dominant in Singapore, where more than half of the investors who own cryptocurrencies have opted for it, twice the average Ethereum has on the entire planet.

8.2% in particular, compared to 1.4% in Germany, 1.7% in the United Kingdom or 3.3% in the United States, in a global average of 3.2% in a race in which Bitcoin it still doubles him in possession percentage. Above the average we also find Canada with 3.8% of investors who choose to buy Ethereum.

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