In an interview for TIME, the businessman stated that the cryptocurrency ‘Dogecoin’ is a better option than ‘Bitcoin’ when it comes to buying and making transactions, compared to its competition, which is better as a store of value.

According to investor and entrepreneur Elon Musk , dogecoins are a better transaction- wise , as the high value of bitcoin serves more as a high-value store . Therefore, he confirmed that Tesla would accept dogecoins as a form of payment in only some products.

From clothing, accessories and more merchandise for vehicles , they can be purchased with the cryptocurrency that began as a joke , based mainly on the old meme of “doge”, a dog with a unique look.

After his interview with TIME , where he was named Person of the Year , and his Tweet announced the introduction to his company, the value of dogecoins increased up to 24 percent , currently continues to have different peaks and spreads as a trend on social networks.

Dogecoins had a slight increase and the peak on the graph continues to change

This is not the first time that Elon Musk has raised the value of the cryptocurrency ; Almost a year ago, the visionary tweeted about “doge”, causing the coin to rise and, from time to time, cause such a reaction again.

Over time and if it works well, they will determine how they do with this cryptocurrency; maybe, in the future, you can buy a car with dogecoins.


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