Magaly Medina surprised to show her face for Yahaira Plasencia and her desire not to make the people she dates official. The journalist indicated that just as men do, the salsa singer is also within her rights.

For the TV host, Plasencia has no intention of making any of the people she dates official because she feels they are not at the level of Jefferson Farfán.

“I believe that she has all the right in the world to minimize someone who for her does not meet the expectations of what she is looking for, what she wants for her is simply a part-time snack and she does not have to make them official, as well as men don’t take someone seriously enough ”

In addition, she stressed that men are not judged for not wanting to talk about someone with whom they have had a good time, but it does not meet their expectations. Medina pointed out that they would not have to judge Yahaira if she wants to do the same.

“She can multiply it by zero, because she does not feel that she loves him, because she is not the man of her life. Suddenly she feels that none of those reach Farfán’s heels, because she already had Farfán, she already had Farfán. .. and to all these it does not seem that they have the level of Farfán, the success of Farfán. You have to be fair with Yaha, they just don’t live up to what she wants … She’ll be waiting for another Jeffrey to appear “, Magaly Medina said, highlighting that she does not believe that Jefferson Farfán will return to her.

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