Binance CEO CZ says he doesn’t believe in Do Kwon’s plan to fork LUNA

Binance CEO CZ says he doesn’t believe in Do Kwon’s plan to fork LUNA

CZ, the CEO of Binance, has revealed that he does not believe that Do Kwon’s plan to save the MOON will be effective. On May 13th, Kwon announced a proposal to put LUNA into a new version to save the ecosystem. It is something that can happen.

He then thinks of asking where the LFG had Bitcoin after it was released to markets. The latest research on this and the LFG is documenting the use. I have asked the community to calm down as the team is playing several tasks at the same time. CZ compares the strategy to force Bitcoins on the Ath and hopes that the value will hold.

He also notes that he hasn’t had a UST and doesn’t know how well, claiming that he is too busy with other things but is behind it now. The discontent of Do Kwon and the Terra Network is evident in his recent comments.

In addition, he posted a link to a new explanation about a death phenomenon on Binance Academy in reference to the launch of his proposal.

It seems that he has a good account for the reboot of the Terra telecommunications chain , he said that if the problem was not pushed, the system could remain paused or more with super lied. A validation proposal has not been selected by the community, but the community continues to debate in the Terra forums .

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