Coronavirus Delta Variant: Moderna sees a third dose necessary before the end of the year

Coronavirus Delta Variant: Moderna sees a third dose necessary before the end of the year

The American Pharmacist Moderna said Thursday that a third dose of its vaccine for covid-19 before the end of the year is necessary due to the probable increase in infections caused by the delta variant.

In an investor presentation related to its quarterly results, Moderna broke down its latest data and strategy regarding the third booster dose, on which it is studying the most effective amount of product.

We believe that a booster (dose 3) will likely be necessary this fall (Northern Hemisphere), particularly due to Delta variant,” said the company, which has obtained promising protection data with a 50-microgram dose and is looking forward to another 100-dose.

Moderna thinks that “the increased infection force resulting from Delta”, “fatigue” from prevention actions and “seasonal effects”, such as spending more time indoors, “will lead to an increase in breakthrough infections in vaccinated people”.

According to the document, the firm has expectations that 93% efficacy against infections of covid-19 that has been proven after the two-dose regimen begins to “decline” after six months “and eventually impacts” those results.

“Given this intersection, we think a third booster dose will likely be needed before winter (Northern Hemisphere),” it insisted.

Moderna is still studying the third booster dose, which was offered with a 50 microgram amount of product to a group of patients six months after receiving the second dose.

According to the first data published today, the levels of neutralizing antibodies to covid-19 “had decreased significantly before the boost after about six months” in the patients.

The third dose “boosted” their antibody levels to exceed the efficacy obtained in the original clinical trial of the vaccine, and also in a “similar” way between different age groups, especially in adults over 65 years of age.

Moderna today disclosed earnings of $4,001 million until June, achieving the first six-month net profit in its history, thanks to the sales of its vaccine against covid-19, for which it received $5.9 billion.

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