Like every Thursday, new challenges have just appeared on Fortnite, even if these challenges are necessarily a bit special as we are greatly approaching the end of this season. So let’s see what Epic Games has in store for us.

Experience the challenges of week 9 of season 7 of Fortnite

Each week, 7 challenges are offered to you in Fortnite season 7 and which will allow you to fill up on experience since you can gain up to 30,000 experience by completing them all. A quick and easy way to move forward.

  • Projecting toilets with the Gravilancer

For this first challenge, you will have to use the weapon that has just been released on Fortnite, the Gravilancer. If ever you don’t really know her, we will advise you to take a look at our Guide: the Gravilancer before embarking on this challenge.

  • Dance on a suction saucer or as a passenger of a saucer

To succeed in this challenge, you will have to go to the cities whose names appear in purple at the start of the game, as you are used to. Then you either drop a saucer and dance on it, or wait to be sucked in to do it.

  • Avoid taking damage while dealing 100 damage to opponents in a single match

For this challenge, you will have to inflict 100 points of damage in a row, without receiving a single damage from your enemy. What we will advise you is to favor weapons with good damage and which allow you to shoot from a distance so as not to get hit in return.

  • Reveal an opponent with a Recon Scanner, then hit him with the Railgun

The next challenge is really nothing too complicated. Indeed, the only thing it asks of you is to use two weapons that appeared at the start of this season. First, you’ll have to spot an enemy using the Recon Scanner, then hit them with a Railgun.

  • Drive an IO vehicle with off-road tires

Since the start of the season, the IO has set up camps everywhere and the peculiarity of these is that they have vehicles. To succeed in this challenge, you will first have to go to one of the many garages on the map to find all-terrain tires in order to equip them on these vehicles.

  • Use IO stepping stones

As long as you are in the basics of IO, you will be able to take the opportunity to use their springboards. Then again, there is nothing too complicated and once you have eliminated all of the IO guards there, you will have no trouble completing this challenge.

For this last challenge, you must carry an alien relic. In our guide on the subject, we explain precisely where to go to pick it up, but also where to drop it off in Corny Complex, which remains a fairly large area.

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