In a recent hearing in the US Senate, Blinken, who has yet to be confirmed in office by the plenary session of the Upper House, called Nicolás Maduro a “brutal dictator” and assured that the new US administration will follow the guidelines that the country has taken towards Venezuela, such as supporting Guaidó’s leadership. In that sense, he expressed that the position on the Latin American country is one of the few lines of agreement between Donald Trump and Joe Biden so far.

Faced with the frictions that exist within the Venezuelan opposition, Guaidó pointed out that there are differences in “how to get Maduro out of power”. And he added that one of the pending tasks is the construction of consensus to face the institutional crisis that the country is experiencing.

However, he clarified that on January 5 of this year he received the support of 146 opposition parliamentarians to continue as president of the National Assembly, after the questioned elections that Chavismo held in December 2020 and from which he abstained from participating.

The opposition leader also referred to the impact of the pandemic in Venezuela. He argued that the humanitarian crisis and the lack of access to essential resources such as water that the country was already facing has accentuated. In addition, he pointed out that “the regime has used the pandemic as a mechanism of social control.”Among other issues, Guaidó made reference to the complaints made by Madurismo, which accuses him of “usurpation and corruption.” He assured that he is the subject of “unfounded complaints” in a persecution scheme designed to divert the focus of the situation facing the country.

Longobardi asked Guaidó about the change of leadership in the US and his relationship with now-former President Donald Trump, who recognized his role as president in charge of Venezuela. They also discussed the report of the International Criminal Court about the indications of crimes against humanity by the Maduro government and the investigation against the Colombian businessman Alex Saab, detained in Cape Verde and indicated by the United States as the front man. of the questioned Venezuelan president.The complete interview with Juan Guaidó is this Sunday, January 24, “In Dialogue with Longobardi”, at 9 pm in Miami, 11 pm in Buenos Aires on Citizen Free Press in Spanish.

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