A Denialist 'Influencer', in a Coma and with a Respirator due to Coronavirus

A Denialist ‘Influencer’, in a Coma and with a Respirator due to Coronavirus

Ygona Moura, A Brazilian Denialist ‘Influencer’, has sadly become a member of the group of those who have been convinced by their own serious experience of the existence and danger of the virus. She has entered, in serious condition, in induced coma and with assisted respiration, in the ICU of the Cidade Tiradentes Hospital, in Sao Paulo, after catching the coronavirus and having suffered complications.

The young woman belonged to the group of those who they could downplay the virus and precautions, and frequently posted his images on his networks going out to party despite the virus, without wearing a mask, despite the fact that Brazil is one of the countries most affected by the pandemic. The president of the nation, Jair Bolsonaro, is in the group of presidents most deniers of the disease, not supporting and criticizing the initiatives of containment of the states.

In step January 16, Ygona began to show symptoms of the disease and was hospitalized last Saturday. From the hospital she has already published images of herself connected to the ventilator. The mother of the ‘influencer’ maintains communication with her daughter’s followers and asks them to “keep praying.” However, the answers are ambivalent since many affirm that what happens to them is the product of their previous attitude. “She made mistakes for which she is already paying and has a family that suffers,” replies the mother. She herself issued messages of repentance.

Ygona has 160,000 followers on instagram.

Travis M. Andrews
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