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Tatiana Reveals That She Was Sexually Abused by Her Ex-partner Andrés Puentes

The well-known singer and host of children’s programs Tatiana opened up and revealed that she was a victim of sexual and psychological abuse during her marriage to Andrés Puentes. In an interview with the program El Minuto que Cambió mi Destino , hosted by Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the artist made a series of confessions about her life.

“Yes [he sexually abused me], but what hurt the most was the emotional, because the emotional, as you can see, is still there,” said the Queen of Children. “Yes [he forced me to have sex], but also manipulation [sic] in that way and he knew where, how, he was an expert in everything.”

The former driver of Tatiana’s Space assured that Puentes manipulated her to the point of breaking her relationship with her mother. “He made me fight with my mom. The manipulation was such that I could not even bear the smell of my mother ”.

Tatiana explained that her ex-husband told her that her success was only based on the fact that her mother had had sex with “everyone.” The famous Mexican singer revealed that Puentes used to attack her psychologically, only moments later to seek her forgiveness through gifts.

The interpreter of “Susanita has a mouse” assured that she ignored the signs about the violent personality of her ex-partner during their courtship, but alerted women to pay attention to this type of behavior.

“Unhealthy jealousy, it is a very impressive red light that they have to pay attention to. Girls, if there is one thing I have regretted, it is not having heeded my intuition, “said Tatiana, who recalled an episode in which her ex-husband hit an acquaintance of hers just for saying hello.

After 11 years of marriage, Tatiana decided to escape from home , along with her two children, and legally requested the separation from Puentes. Twenty years after this decision, the singer points out that she is finally ready to talk about the violence she experienced during her marriage.

“I feel like I’m ready now. I was very broken, emotionally, physically, financially. The only thing I had the mind to do was to rebuild my career, to prove to myself that I was Tatiana, that I was the one who created, the one that I did, ”she concluded.

Puentes and Tatiana concluded their divorce proceedings in 2005 and in 2015, the singer’s former representative spent 11 days in prison for failing to pay alimony for her children Andrik and Cassandra.

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