“Eldorado World Tour”It started at the beginning of June, beginning in the country of Germany, with a total of 55 presentations lasting five months, traveling to all the cities of the world, Shakira performing her best hits.

Promoting her latest studio album, “The Golden” which came out in 2017, leaning a little more towards reggaeton, and is the last studio album released by the Colombian singer, which is why it is one of the most remembered.

The live performances of the interpreter of “that you stay with me” They are usually very striking and impressive, because they fuse their talents, singing, dancing, as well as their ability to play musical instruments, that is why it is quite an experience to see them live.

Now, it is nothing new that famous artists slip and fall from the stage, it has happened to reggaeton Bad Bunny to one of the Mexican legends John Gabrielthe vocalist of the duo of Twenty One Pilots Tyler Joseph fell off the stage jumping on her piano, so Shakira was no exception.

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On several occasions, one or another stumble has happened to him, however, her abilities have made him react quickly, preventing him from kissing the ground and thus those occasions are not so popular.

But during the closing of one of her “El Dorado World Tour” concerts, the famous singer would get overly excited, running across the stage, while you can hear in the background the instruments that are about to end the concert, the Colombian is saying goodbye to the stage.

Running frantically, the interpreter of “Día de Enero” takes a sharp jump but when she comes down she slips and falls in front of the audience, however, she quickly gets back up, pretending nothing had happened, and then continues jumping and dancing.

Being evident that the blow was not very hard for Shakira, so she was able to continue doing what she was doing, coming out of the embarrassing moment unscathed, but having the best attitude, since she simply stood up and continued giving off her good vibes.

This is the attitude that most artists take when a situation like this happens to them, a clear example was Dua Lipa when she slipped singing “Be the one”, all she did was get back on her feet, thank whoever helped him and pretend it never happened.

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