The Colombian singer Shakira joined the list of celebrities who have raised their voices to defend Cuban truck driver Rogel Aguilera-Mederos, who was sentenced to 110 years in prison for a traffic accident that left four dead

The interpreter of “La bicicleta” used her Instagram account to comment on this controversial ruling, and to ask that no injustice be committed to the 26-year-old driver.

The technicalities in this sentence should not prevail over judicial discretion or amount to an injustice and a life imprisonment for an incident that, although tragic for all involved, has been a mere accident”, she said and then added that:” We must continue to press so that an injustice is not commented”, she pointed out in one of her stories.

Shakira finally urged her more than 71 million followers on Instagram to continue supporting the petition on to demand the remission of the sentence or the possibility that Aguilera Mederos’ various sentences be commuted. This request already adds more than 4.5 million signatures.

It should be noted that Kim Kardashian was another of the famous ones that has described the legal system of the United States as “unfair” in this case.

“He wasn’t drunk, his brakes on the truck failed. Another shocking and unfair part of this case is that the judge did not want to sentence him to such a long sentence. However, due to mandatory minimums in Colorado, their hands were tied.” She said.

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