Melyssa Pinto, unrecognizable: that’s how she was in adolescence

Melyssa Pinto, unrecognizable: that’s how she was in adolescence

Melyssa Pinto, a former contestant on ‘The Island of Temptations’, is a style reference on social networks. After passing through the reality, is currently one of the most sought after faces on social networks. The influence it presumes before its nothing more and nothing less than 1 million followers of elegance, dressing in the latest fashion and beauty tips.

But the truth is that Melyssa was not always like this. Like anyone else, the Catalan also has a “dark” past. Tom Brusse’s ex-partner has steeled himself and through his ‘Mtmad’ channel, ‘Paraíso Melyssa’, he wanted to show his fans his teenage photos. Although she was embarrassed at first, Melyssa has shown su aesthetic evolution from the 2000s to the present.

In these unpublished photos you can see the influence with an underdog look: Blonde highlights, dyes, discolorations, impossible cuts, toupees, bangs … Even a lip piercing! Unrecognizable. Fortunately, time passes and these photos remain in the memory as an anecdote from adolescence; And now Melyssa can boast on social networks of a totally refined style and a hair of heart attack. Avoid completely any type of hair treatment and always seek the greatest naturalness and the least possible punishment for your hair; This is what he has told on his ‘Mtmad’ channel.

Far from criticism, the followers of the former contestant of ‘The Island of Temptations’ have praised her initiative and have even created the hashtag #todosfuimosmelyssa.

Ashley Johnson
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