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Nicolas Maduro asks the military to “clean cannons” in case Duque dares to “violate the sovereignty” of Venezuela

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, asked the Armed Forces this Wednesday to “clean the cannonsOf the rifles in case your counterpart from Colombia, Ivan duque, dares “To violate sovereignty” of your country and “touch a millimeterFrom your soil.

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I have told the Bolivarian National Armed Forces to answer forcefully the reckless statements of Ivan duque about Venezuela, that he answers them by word of mouth and that he clean the barrels of our rifles to answer him in the plane that we have to answer him if he dares to violate the sovereignty of Venezuela, if he dares to touch a millimeter of Venezuelan territory“, He said Mature.

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In a press conference in which he did not directly mention what statements he was referring to, he criticized the creation of a “special command”.

This same Monday, the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó spoke with Duque and highlighted “the creation of the specialized command against drug trafficking and transnational threats” as “another demonstration of the commitment of the Colombian Government to combat the scourge and the leaders of hidden narco-terrorism in Venezuela. under the protection of the Nicolás Maduro regime ”.

On several occasions, the Colombian authorities have denounced that the leaders of the guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (ELN) and dissident groups of the FARC are in Venezuela.

On February 6, the Colombian magazine Semana published some photos in which several leaders of a FARC dissidence are seen armed while they were, apparently, in Venezuela, which Mature then qualified as a “false positive”.

This Wednesday and in reference to those accusations he described them as “rehash”.

On the subject of the guerrillas, it is a rehash that is not believed in Colombia or in the world, it is a rehash, that is how I qualify it, it is a rehash that seeks, a week ago, to divert Colombian public opinion from the serious problems what about the pandemic”, He added.

Regarding the situation on the common border, the Venezuelan president stressed that, throughout the 70 years that he considers that the armed conflict lasts in Colombia, “guerrilla parties in Colombia (…) of groups of different ideological signs“Have swarmed through a region”abandoned by the Colombian state”.

You leave the Colombian side and there are no authorities, there is no Police, there is no military, there is nothing, they have handed over the border, for a long time to the mafias (…) Also on that border is what remains of the Colombian guerrilla, the remains of the Colombian guerrilla“, He added before giving the order”clean the barrelsOf the rifles.

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