Madonna poses topless at 63 years of age in tribute to Marilyn Monroe.

The magazine “V Magazine” published a series of photos that he took of the singer, where you can see posing topless.

Madonna always been characterized by being daring and her sensual personality, since she began she stood out as one of the most outgoing celebrities.

The artist continues to be active, even in her last album that she released is called “Madame X” , it went on sale in 2019; As time went by, it became a documentary and a film.

In the image of the publication you can see the interpreter of “Material Girl” lying on a flipped bed , exposing her legs and back.

In addition, her half-naked figure shows off spectacularly , from the waist up she has nothing on but a chain with a cross on her back . Madonna is wearing fishnet stockings and melon heels.

On the other hand, in the description of the publication made through Instagram , it is read that it is a  tribute to Marilyn Monroe , due to her life full of glamor.

In her time, Marilyn Monroe also became an icon and “sex symbol” , all because they allowed her to highlight her beauty.

The Queen of Pop’s intervention for the Steven Klein studio was a tribute to the glamor and tragedy of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. The production is inspired by the book “The Last Session” by the photographer of the stars Bert Stern, which collects 2,571 photographs of the blonde diva of the cinema. In that installment, the deceased actress poses in different situations, some very peculiar and striking, by the way: celebrating, with formal dresses, half-naked on a bed, among others.

In the magazine, whose cover is titled “Madonna Forever”, there is an interview with the 63-year-old artist in which she discusses her 40-year career and her present. Madonna talks about the power of the art to create change and to eliminate the thought that age is a barrier to doing and achieving things in life.

“I don’t even think about my age, to tell the truth. I just keep going. I never think about time constraints and when should I stop. I only think about it when extremely ignorant people say to me, ‘Don’t you think you’ve earned the right to just sit back and enjoy all your success and all the things you’ve accomplished and retire?’ I say, ‘Wait a second. Why do you think I do what I do? ‘”Says the American singer, dancer, songwriter and businesswoman.

Judging by the images and by what follows, the passage of time does not seem to affect the voice of “Like a Virgin”, “Vogue”, “La Isla Bonita” and other hits that established her as the most successful soloist and the biggest music sales of all time, which is why it was included in the “Guinness Book of Records.” With more than 300 million records sold around the world, Madonna is the artist with the most number one songs in the history of the charts.

Madonna has 64.5 million certified albums and in 2008, Billboard magazine ranked the businesswoman at number two, on the “Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists” making her the most successful solo artist on that list, in addition to being included in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

Madonna paid tribute to the glamor and tragedy of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe

Madonna paid tribute to the glamor and tragedy of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe

In addition, Madonna shows off her spectacular figure half-naked , since from the waist up he wears nothing more than a chain with a cross.

While from the waist down, Madonna only wears fishnet stockings and heels.

Also, her characteristic gloves cannot be missing; so you can see him wearing a long one and above him a series of bracelets and rings that look very sophisticated.

On the other hand, in the caption description it is explained that the image is actually a tribute to Marilyn Monroe , due to her glamorous life.

It should be noted that, like Madonna, Marilyn Monroe also became an icon and American ‘sex symbol’, this thanks to the roles she played, which allowed her to highlight her great beauty.

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