Renata Notni celebrates natural beauty by posing topless

Renata Notni celebrates natural beauty by posing topless

On the other hand, Renata Notni also told how happy she is that fears begin to normalize beauty without tricks.

“For this session, I went to bathe and arrived with soaked hair. I was thinking they were going to dry it for me and I was ready for the photos. When they say to me: ‘No, the way you have your hair and your face as is’, I just thought: ‘Híjole’, of course that’s weird! I had never done a session like this in my life but I said, how incredible, and I love that this is starting to normalize.”

“At the end of the day that is the reality, accept us as is. Without these Instagram filters and without seeing us on the covers with the divine and perfect light to have a result with which you think… ‘Oh, I wish and he saw me like that in person’ “.

Renata Notni commented to the publication that it is very important for her to stay real because that way she realizes what she wants, where she is going and who she is.

“Not cheating on yourself is very important, because sometimes we say: ‘Love yourself a lot, accept yourself as you are.’ Self-love and all these issues are very fashionable, but it is really applying it, doing it and living it. Staying real makes you keep your feet on the ground, that you don’t lose your focus in life, that you achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams. ”

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