Jake Paul, Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik

Jake Paul relives his confrontation with Gigi Hadid taking advantage of the family drama by Zayn Malik

Jake Paul is reliving his feud with Gigi Hadid in the wake of his family drama with Zayn Malik.

The 24-year-old YouTube star shot Gigi on Friday, October 29, bringing to the fore a tweet she wrote last year when the 26-year-old supermodel defended her then-boyfriend Zayn after Jake and his brother , Logan Paul, publicly claimed that the former One Direction had been rude to them.

At the time, Gigi tweeted to Jake as a comment: “Lol why is he not interested in hanging out with you and your disgraceful YouTube groupie team …? Alone at home with his best friends like a respectful king because he has me, darling. Without being bothered by your irrelevant and ugly ass. Go to bed … “

Now, as 28-year-old Zayn faces criminal charges for allegedly stalking Gigi and her mother Yolanda Hadid, Jake responded to the 2020 tweet: “Your ‘respectful king’ punched your mother in the face.” Gigi has not publicly responded to Jake.

On October 28, TMZ, citing sources with direct knowledge, reported that Zayn, who shares his 13-month-old daughter Khai with Gigi, had allegedly beaten Yolanda, 57, during a family dispute last week. For his part, the singer denied the accusations and told the media: “I flatly deny having beaten Yolanda Hadid and for the sake of my daughter I refuse to give more details and I hope that Yolanda reconsiders her false accusations and moves towards healing them. family matters in private. ”

Zayn also addressed the claims in a statement shared on Twitter, saying, “As everyone knows, I am a private person and I very much want to create a safe and private place for my daughter to grow up.” A place where the private family matters, away from the global public scene for all to poke around and disarm. In an effort to protect that space for her, I agreed not to contest claims arising from an argument I had with a member of my partner’s family who entered our home while my partner was away several weeks ago. ”

He added that the accusations have been “leaked” to the press “despite my efforts to restore a peaceful family environment.” Zayn wrote: “However, I am hoping to heal all those affected by the harsh words shared, and more importantly, I remain vigilant to protect Khai and give him the privacy he deserves.”

Court documents recently obtained by Globe Live Media shows that Zayn has not objected to all four harassment charges: conduct without a legitimate purpose in connection with the incident.

In the midst of the family drama, Globe Live Media confirmed that Zayn and Gigi, who have been on and off since 2015, have split.

As for how Gigi is doing, a representative of the model told Globe Live Media on October 28 that she is “solely focused on what is best for Khai” and “asks for privacy during this time.”

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