Images for Zaira Nara birthday

Images for Zaira Nara birthday

Zaira Nara celebrated her birthday with a surprising look that matched Georgina Rodriguez’s.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife had worn the same dress a month ago, during an event on a yacht in Saudi Arabia.

Zaira Nara turned 35 years old last August 15 and since then she held a series of celebrations. That same day she shared a tea with friends in an exclusive place where her eldest nephew, Valentino – son of Wanda Nara and Maxi López – was also present, since he is the only one of the family who still lives in Buenos Aires: he is playing in the River Plate youth team and is playing in a tournament that ends in November, when he will return to Turkey to be reunited with his mother and siblings.

Images for Zaira Nara birthday

Thus, his sister, brother-in-law and more nephews and nieces were not present since they traveled to Istanbul some weeks ago. Her mother, Nora Colosimo, did not attend the event either: she is traveling in Italy with her partner. And these days she is distanced from her father, Andres Nara, so he was not invited either.

After that celebration in the afternoon, the model prepared for a big night party that took place in an exclusive restaurant. For it, she wore a prominent change of look: she used long extensions that left her hair long, running all the way down her back to her tail.

The hostess posted on her Instagram account -a social network where she has six million followers- photos of her complete look for the mega birthday party.

Images for Zaira Nara birthday

Images for Zaira Nara birthday

She wore a Blumarine dress: it is a pastel yellow bodycon dress with a transparent top while the bottom has more layers of fabric marking a draped skirt. It has long sleeves, and also has flowers and long silk appliqués.

The curious thing is that her look coincided with that of another international celebrity. Just as it happened between Antonela Roccuzzo and Katie Holmes -when they combined their top and pants on the same day, but in different cities, one in Miami and the other in New York- Zaira wore the same dress that a month ago wore Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife.

At the time, the influencer wore the dress during a day of sailing on a luxury yacht in Saudi Arabia, the country where she lives with the soccer player and their children. She showed off her look with her nearly 51 million Instagram followers.

Present at Zaira’s celebration were Verónica Lozano, Luli Fernández, Kennys Palacios, and Flor Torrente, among other celebrities. “You come to your friend’s birthday and she gives you little gifts,” wrote Luli Fernández on her social networks next to the different gifts she took as souvenirs, among which there were products from the model’s cosmetics brand. Meanwhile, the cake was heart-shaped and read: “Happy Birthday, Zai”.

“Happy birthday to the most beautiful of all: wife, mom and sister. You are more beautiful on the inside than on the outside and that’s too much. Your values make you unique. I’m proud of how you grew professionally. Meanness and envy are inevitable but I will always be there to take care of you. I love you,” Wanda Nara wrote from afar to greet her sister for her birthday through social networks, as well as having done it privately. “Jajajajaj. You made me laugh, I love you,” Zaira replied via Instagram, where she shared the businesswoman’s message.

For her part, Nora Colosimo also dedicated a warm message to her through the same social network, where she shared photos of her youngest daughter when she was a girl. “Very happy birthday to this beautiful baby girl who will always be like this for me. Today a great and powerful woman. I love you so much baby.” The model also shared that greeting and added: “Mamita linda de mi corazon. I love you.

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