The Catalan comedian, who usually gives his opinion on current political affairs on Twitter, spoke yesterday about the 4M elections to the Community of Madrid and he showed his affection for affection for the city that welcomed him many years ago. “This is a personal opinion that many may disagree with, but for me, whoever governs, Madrid will continue to be a HUGE place. A city and a region that I fell in love with over low heat and that I now consider MY HOME. I’m already one more cat”, He wrote on the social network.

A few words that have set Twitter on fire, since users of this social network consider this tweet a political discourse.

After the lynching, the presenter had to clarify his words in another tweet in which he assures that it is something sentimental and not political: “Everyone understands what they want. If someone sees here a support for a political side or even a political and not sentimental twit, which is what it is … Ok. The truth is that it is a twit for all of us who live in Madrid and we will continue to do so, whether ours win or not.. Lucky!”.

After the controversy, in a few hours Dani Mateo has become Trending Topic. As he himself has said, it is “the Twitter piñata”.

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