GTA V is available for purchase for the new generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S consoles, while we would like to point out the opportunity to purchase it with a decidedly inviting upgrade discount.

We’ve also reported several video comparisons of the new version of the game across platforms, but now it’s time to take a closer look at performance of the console Xbox Series S, the so-called little sister of Series X.

We know that some developers are struggling to offer performance modes or innovative technologies on the small and white Series S, due to its underperforming hardware. Just think about the fact that Dying Light 2: Stay Human launched on Microsoft’s console without a performance mode (only added later).

With the Xbox Series S version of GTA V, much more was expected

In this case, too Rockstar Games seems to have realized a not entirely satisfactory job with the Series S version of GTA Vas the frame-rate appears to be decidedly unstable.

Where other console versions offer truly stable 60fps, Series S instead has numerous and annoying dips, which also come up to 40fps in various armed combat. Be that as it may, VRR remains supported, which could help improve the situation slightly.

However, a patch is currently required to improve performance of game, so as to offer a more stable frame-rate. You will find the video-comparison on GTA V made by youtuber ElAnalistaDeBits.

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