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Danna Paola Revealed That She Was Drugged by Several Men in Madrid

Danna Paola confesses that she was drugged by several men and they wanted to abuse her.
Danna Paola confesses that she was drugged by several men and they wanted to abuse her.

Danna Paola met three men who drugged her and tried to abuse her during the recording period  of the “Elite” series  in Madrid.

The Mexican actress and singer assured that she managed to escape from a group that apparently wanted to take advantage of her during a night at a Madrid disco. He said that one of the men was Argentine. 

The Mexican actress and singer Danna Paola revealed during an interview with Yordi Rosado a painful experience that she lived during the recordings of the Elite series  in Madrid.

“I don’t remember what happened between the place, how I got home and how I ended up in the hospital,” he said in the note that can be seen in full in this Yourube video .

“I went to dinner on a Tuesday with a friend who came from Mexico and the next day I had to get up at 8 to film Elite , we went to a supercool place and I had four glasses of wine,” he started recounting about that night. 

At the restaurant, the two met three Latino men (according to her there was a Venezuelan, a Colombian and an Argentine) with whom they decided to start a conversation and when their friend left her alone to go to the bathroom. The young people allegedly put something in her drink with the intention of drugging and abusing her. 

“Suddenly (one of the men) says to me, ‘This was your glass, wasn’t it?’, And I started talking with him and immediately I started to feel bad, I started to get dizzy, I started to get sleepy and I said I have to go, these ‘weyes’ began to want to overcome the situation “.

Fortunately, the singer of “Bad Fame” managed to get home with the help of her friend, although the scene ended in the hospital.

“It’s something your mom always tells you not to do and that you always do: ‘don’t drink anything from strangers, don’t let anyone grab your glass, don’t pick up strangers anywhere.’ Let’s be aware that no matter how stronger and more independent that we are we do not know the intentions of others, “he said.

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