Christian Nodal shows off his new collaboration with Romeo Santos on social networks, a song that is already going viral

This 2022 has brought great surprises to the life of Christian Nodal, at the beginning of the year he went through his breakup with Belinda, whom he was about to marry.

Later came a statement about his personal image by J Balvin and some network users, later videos and photographs were released in which they mentioned that the 23-year-old had found love again with the Argentine rapper Cazzu and Now an expected collaboration with a world-class artist has been announced.

This is Romeo Santos with whom Nodal worked, the Mexican is part of “I miss myself”, one of the duets that will be included in the album “Formula Vol. 3” of the so-called “King of Bachata”, with great happiness the The news was made known through his official Instagram account.
The singer of the Mexican regional is not fighting with any musical genre, that is why he is now part of the production of his colleague, the melody premiered on September 1 and there are already several images as a surprising preview of the official video.

But the interpreter of “Adiós amor”, “La sinvergüenza”, “I live in the six”, “Vas a wan to return”, “Bottle after bottle” is not the only one who participates with Romeo on his new album, the voice also stands out by Justin Timberlake, Katt Williams, Rubby Pérez, Fernando Verona, Ramón Orlando and Toño Rosario.

The famous is about to resume his work tour of Mexico and the United States, although he recently announced that several dates in the country had been canceled for reasons unrelated to his company, now he also shared that in the remainder of 2022 he will continue with his concerts and he will leave the break he had taken to rest and continue making music.

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