Daddy Yankee starred in an iconic moment with a grandmother who is his fan.

Daddy Yankee is undoubtedly pampering his fans on his grand farewell tour and on this occasion the lucky one was a fanatic grandmother of the singer, whom he took to the stage and even ended up dancing reggaeton.

One of the last performances of the reggaeton player was in Boston, where he shared an incredible moment with an elderly fan. Through his TikTok account, the singer shared a very special moment, when an elderly lady was invited to go on stage, where she danced with Yankee to the song “Hot”, while the audience shouted and applauded.

“We have all the fans. From the little ones to those who are the real bosses. Connecticut we are #hot #laltimavueltaworldtour “legendaddy”, wrote the celebrity on his social network.

As expected, the video went viral and has received hundreds of comments, where they express how lucky the grandmother was and highlighted the great attitude of the singer, who is currently saying goodbye to the stage definitively, after a successful career in the music

“Beautiful detail that granny will never forget this moment blessings”; “The reggaeton grandmother, how beautiful, excellent for her, who enjoys the boss Daddy Yankee to the fullest”; “That grandmother’s smile is priceless”; “There is no age to live life”, these were some of the comments from Internet users.

A few months ago it was announced that the song “Gasolina” was chosen by Rolling Stone magazine as number 1 among the 100 reggaeton songs of all time. Let’s remember that Daddy Yankee is considered the pioneer of the reggaeton genre and ‘Gasolina’ was the song that launched him to fame.

After a successful career and being considered the greatest exponent of the urban genre, Daddy Yankee bids farewell to music with his tour ‘La Última Vuelta’.

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