Rapper Cardi B has gotten a taste for collaborating with Reebok . This time she is not doing it alone, but accompanied by her daughter Kulture to launch a capsule collection of mother and daughter. The result is two pairs of trainers in adult and child sizes to go perfectly combined even on sporty days .

Cardi B and Reebok have opted for the Club C silhouette for this international launch. The famous one has redesigned these sneakers in two colors: rose gold and aqua green, dyeing even the sole of the sneakers in total look . Both come in large and small sizes to “celebrate the artist’s unconditional love for her daughter,” they say from the brand .

– Gold Club C sneakers: for women ( 110 euros ) and girls ( 75 euros ).

The chosen palette will be monochromatic, but there is nothing minimalist at all . Especially with the combined look that Cardi B has chosen for the campaign, where the space minidress combines with that golden quilted jacket . Both are only surprised in prominence by that mane full of volume and shine that acquires architectural proportions.

– Club C sneakers in aqua green: for women ( 110 euros ) and for girls ( 75 euros ).

To promote this limited collection, Cardi B has released a video where she gives advice and help on motherhood based on her own experiences. With this collaboration Reebok launches into the pool of the mother and daughter lines , following in the wake of firms such as H&M or & Other Stories that are already doing it and have made it a trend.

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