Cardi B no Makeup – Cardi B Shows Off Makeup-Free Complexion on Social Media.

Cardi B is not only one of the most popular rappers of the moment, but also one of the most natural artists when it comes to showing herself as she is: without a filter or hair on the tongue. However, there are many who attack the New Yorker with images in which she appears with her face washed saying that she looks “weird” without makeup.

But far from keeping quiet and letting it go, Offset’s wife decided to face the criticism to make it clear how she feels about her more natural self. And yes, she is totally happy and delighted with her skin and has plenty of self-confidence.

The rapper filmed herself just waking up to proudly show how she is without makeup, without a filter, without combing her hair and even with chapped lips. A video with which he makes it clear that he feels comfortable in his own skin and with which he clarifies that his appearance has nothing to do with his professional merits.

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“This is my face 20 minutes after waking up, no filter, unbrushed hair. I was never afraid to show my true self,” assures the 28-year-old singer to those who capture her while on the move and later criticize her face.

“I feel comfortable in my own skin. You should ask yourself if you have enough confidence in yourself to try to belittle others as a hobby,” wrote the interpreter of WAP and Up next to the video in which he shows his face completely natural.

“Everyone takes pictures and videos of me without makeup while I’m on the go and says, ‘Oh look at Cardi, she looks so weird without makeup.’ This is me without makeup, without filter, you can see all the little blemishes on my face.” She commented on the video as she brought her face closer to the camera to show her skin up close.

This plea in favor of natural beauty, he concluded by making it clear that with or without makeup, he is doing great in the professional field and is happy. Good for you, Cardi B !

Photos of Cardi B With No Makeup – Fans Love Her Natural Look!

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