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For several hours, Twitter became the scene of debate among fans of the Colombian reggaeton, Karol G, and those of late British singer, Freddie Mercury, after users compared the talent of the country with that of the musician and assured that it is better.

It should be noted that, with millions of followers on its digital platforms, la paisa is one of the most famous artists of the urban genre worldwide and that for this reason, it has a large number of fans who celebrate each of its releases and they are awaiting the achievements that have positioned her as one of the most listened to women for songs like “Tusa”, many even come to ‘deify her’.

About this last issue, the singer has told international media that it is the most successful song she has so far, which has become a reggaeton anthem.

The truth is that in said social network, A group of fans claimed that the 29-year-old singer was on the same level or even better than the English artist and former member of the band Queen, who died at age 45.

“Karol G is better than Freddie Mercury a thousand times”; “Karol G is better than Mercury”; “Karol G has more hits than Queen and Mercury; Karol G could have written Don’t Stop Me Now but Freddie Mercury would never have been able to write Mi Cama ”, read among some comments that defend the singer.


Despite the fact that for many the controversy generated was unnecessary, because the two are completely different artists and recognized by genres that are not in competition, rock lovers wanted to set a precedent before the interpreter of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was compared with the paisa.

“You have to be wrong to compare King Freddie Mercury with Karol G”; “There is not point of comparation”; “What about the person who said Karol G is better than Freddie Mercury? Everything is good at home? If we go to school? ”, It is read among the reactions that defend the vocalist.

Precisely, in social networks they could not believe the comparison between Karol G and Freddie Mercury, which is why the memes they did not wait, because Mercury, despite having died in 1991, is still one of the most important musical references in history.

Even a well-known pizza chain commented on it and made a funny comparison.

“Are the people who say that Karol G is better than Freddie Mercury the same people who separate the mushroom from the carbonara? I ask”, wrote Domino’s.

Mercury is remembered for his powerful and versatile voice that led him to have multiple tributes and recognitions throughout his history, and even has a biographical film called ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, in which Rami Malek plays the unforgettable artist.

Here are some of the trills that users left on the platform.



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