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Judge in the US rejects Parler’s request to return to the web via Amazon

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A federal judge in the United States on Thursday rejected a request from the social network Parler, widely used by supporters of Donald Trump, which would have forced Amazon to allow it to use its servers and return to the internet.

The internet giant had eliminated Parler for the proliferation of “violent content” on that platform, which was widely used in the face of the assault on the headquarters of the US Congress on January 6 by a Trumpist mob.

In her ruling, Judge Barbara Jacobs Rothstein indicated that Parler had not been able to prove the need for an emergency order that would have forced Amazon to reconnect the social network.


But Parler can nonetheless pursue his claim.

If she acknowledged the possibility of heavy financial losses for Parler, the judge wrote in her decision that Amazon Web Services (AWS) “has argued convincingly that forcing it to host the violent content of Parler users would interfere with AWS’s ability to prevent have their services used to promote and – as the events of January 6, 2021 have shown – even cause violence. “


The judge also stressed that the case did not involve an attack on freedom of expression because Amazon is a private company with the authority to enforce its own rules.


Separately, the president of a US congressional commission asked the FBI to investigate Parler’s role in the attack on the Capitol, which left five dead.

The FBI must determine whether Parler “facilitated the planning and promotion of the violence,” if “stored key evidence posted by users,” and whether he was “able to serve foreign governments” interested in causing civil unrest in the United States, wrote Carolyn Maloney, president. Democrat of the House of Representatives commission of inquiry.


In his letter, Maloney also asked the FBI director to examine the company’s finances and its ties to Russia.

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