Yailin La Más Viral dedicated the song ‘Mía’ to Cattleya, her daughter with Anuel AA, and presented her in the official video. The singer made a decision when he saw the little girl

The rapper Anuel AA did not overlook the publication of the video clip that premiered his ex-wife, Yailin La Más Viral’, to introduce the world to Cattleya, the daughter they had a few months ago.

‘La Chivirika’ had announced last Saturday that she had prepared a surprise with something new of her professional life for Sunday, September 24 and caused an impact on social networks by presenting her ‘Cata’ having her as the protagonist of the video clip of her song ‘Mía’.

There was tension and expectation on whether she would react against the mother of the six-month-old baby for showing her sharing her with her friend and new partner, Tekashi 6ix9ine, but AA only had words of love for her baby girl.

Through a post on his Instagram profile he melted in praise for his daughter and although he didn’t name the Dominican’s song, he did confess that he had planned to release a new song the same day she released her surprise, but his daughter changed everything.

Likewise, she did not say anything direct about the images of Tekashi with the little girl, but she did throw out a phrase that could be interpreted as her opinion that the rapper is the “negative” part of the video in which the artist presented Cattleya.

“Today I was going to announce new music but my daughter left me speechless. She looks beautiful, don’t pay attention to the negative. NEW MUSIC ON THE WAY,” she wrote in a photo carousel she posted in which she included a screenshot of one of the photos showing how the baby is currently looking.

Internet users’ reactions

The ‘Richer Than Yesterday’ singer’s post already has more than 1.6 million ‘likes’. In addition, it has about 26 thousand comments of all kinds that have made him fans and detractors.

“Anuel’s great advantage: all his children are identical to him”; “Igualita a ti anuel la sangre no se equivoca”; “Tekashi no te descuides que entre risa y risa Anuel te preña a Yailin otra vez y no te avisa”; “Debiste de tratar bien a la madre de tu hija, tu esposa, la que quería un hogar contigo, una familia. Catta would be by your side and your ex-wife”; “The stepfather playing the role of dad better than you”; “Dad is the one you support and raise, so get yourself situated”; “How sad q can see the daughter only for photos…” and “Looking for sound with something of his daughter that he does not know or seek…normal”, are some of the reactions that internet users have had on the social network of the little camera.

Anuel AA earlier armed after seeing Cattleya with Tekashi

The first days of July Yailin uploaded a photo of 6ix9ine carrying ‘Cata’ and that made AA upset. At that moment the ‘Más Rica Que Yo’ performer lashed out by showing the baby’s face in a photo of the day of her birth.

The Puerto Rican’s action triggered the American to call him a “rat” and there began a “give and take” on Instagram in which Anuel recalled that 6ix9ine was accused of sexual abuse against a minor and called him a “pedophile”. In addition, he asked him to stay away from his daughter, with whom as they show in the video clip ‘Mía’ he frequently shares in his upbringing.

In that lawsuit, Yailin and Tekashi accused the Puerto Rican of being irresponsible with their youngest daughter, of not sharing with her since the day she was born and of allegedly hitting La Más Viral when she was pregnant. Then Anuel AA defended himself by saying that the singer was lying and that the ‘Narcisista’ singer allegedly did not let him see Cattleya.

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