Amanda Seyfried (36) has been in the acting business for around 20 years. Now she looks back on her first years in the industry. In an interview with the online fashion magazine “Porter” she spoke about acting before #MeToo.

The 36-year-old wishes to be able to get started in the film business today, she says. Because today so-called intimacy coordinators are a requirement on film sets. You look after and advise the shooting team on intimate scenes and ensure that those involved treat each other with respect.

It has also become easier for actors to express their opinions. When Seyfried was a young actress, it was different.

She shot nude scenes to avoid being fired

She recalls, “When I was 19 and walking around [on the set] without my underwear – How did I let that happen?” The actress ironically answers her question herself: “Oh, I know why: I was 19, didn’t want to annoy anyone and kept my job. That was the reason.”

Although she came out of this time “rather unscathed”, she was repeatedly confronted with unpleasant situations. Today she is treated with a level of respect that she has never felt before. She thinks it has nothing to do with her roles or her performance. “I’m respected because I’m 36 years old and I know who the fuck I am.”

Most recently, Amanda Seyfried thrilled in the mini-series “The Dropout”. Her role as scam billionaire Elizabeth Holmes earned her an Emmy nomination.

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