Although in the cinema he is a practically invincible superhero, actor Jeremy Renner has had all Marvel fans and their peers on edge in recent days. And it is that on January 1, Renner left his house to remove the snow that, due to the historic snowfall that devastates the United States, accumulated in the surroundings of his house when he suffered an accident that has left him in a state ” critical” but “stable”. The Hollywood actor has since been admitted to a hospital while his family and his fans are most concerned about him.

It all happened when the interpreter of ‘Hawkeye’, who was at his home in Sierra Nevada (California), where he owns a ranch near Lake Tahoe, set out to remove much of the snow that fell this weekend, especially on New Year’s Eve, with such bad luck that he ended up having an accident that took him to the hospital. Jeremy used his snowplow to clear snow around his house. It seems that, according to the actor’s neighbors, the machine passed through one of his legs and began to bleed profusely. A neighbor who is a doctor even applied a tourniquet on him until doctors arrived and he was airlifted to a hospital. What’s more, neighborhood sources say that the accident not only affected his leg.

A week later, the actor is still in the rehabilitation process admitted to the hospital from where he has been seen not only with a selfie to reassure his followers, but also receiving a hair massage from his sister and with all the medical equipment. And it is that Renner has celebrated his 52nd birthday this January 7 at the hospital together with all the health workers who care for him. He has also shared a special song created by ‘The BASE Chicago’, a project to help young athletes in which he is involved.

Jeremy Renner hospital

“His family is with him and he is receiving excellent care,” family spokespersons said in a statement. Jeremy has not been the only one affected by this major snow storm, as it has been reported that up to 35,000 homes in the area were without power on such an important date. Just a few weeks ago, Jeremy himself shared on Twitter an image from his ranch with a message that almost seemed like a warning of what was to happen: “Snowfall from Lake Tahoe is no joke,” he said.

This could have had consequences on the calendar of everything that comes from the Marvel Universe, although for now no announcement has been made in this regard. What we have heard from is precisely his colleagues in front of and behind the cameras in this universe, who have sent him messages of encouragement and support on social networks.

Renner has starred in many films throughout his career, but without a doubt the great recognition of the public came with the role of Clint Barton (‘Hawkeye’) by the hand of Marvel, although he has also taken part in sagas of renown as ‘Mission Impossible’ or ‘Bourne’. However, his career is littered with achievements, and he has twice earned Oscar nominations for two films: ‘The Hostile Land’ (2008) and ‘City of Thieves’ (2010). In just a few days, the premiere of the second season of ‘Mayor of Kingstown’, a series in which he is the protagonist on Paramount +, is expected.

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