The Roxen Swedish company, growing up and celebrating with more than three periodicals

The Roxen Swedish company, growing up and celebrating with more than three periodicals

The Norwegian periodicals Klassekampen and Dagsavisen, as well as the periodical Swedish Dagen he chose the production tools of the Linköping company. In principle, Roxen also formed an agreement with The Philadelphia Inquirer , one of the most important periodicals of the United States.

Klassekampen and Dagsavisen are Norway’s national diaries, while Dagen is Sweden’s main Christian diary . Now, the three periodicals form part of Roxen Editorial Portal, a modern service that allows an efficient production integrated with the periodical line.

—Con Roxen Editorial Portal, the editorial team has total control over design and quality, with no need to make manual adjustments thanks to the automatic planters. Además, however, the system is based on the cloud and integrated with the customer’s digital platform — says Per Östlund, CEO of Roxen.

Modern production of periodicals

Roxen’s founders created the first web site in Sweden in 1993, and since then it has developed digital publishing platforms for worldwide customers. Since some years ago, Roxen has been completely focused on his service in the cloud for an efficient and integrated production of the written press.

—The periodical on paper has been important for obtaining start-ups and for markets, as it has demonstrated to the influenza of new customers that it has modernized its pre-existing line platform as it has recently demonstrated the need to integrate Impressive Production Östlund.

—In the development of an innovative service for print media in collaboration with some large media companies, we can capitalize on our large branch directory in the production and publishing network of media outlets with the media the modern and efficient new for the production of periodicals — dice Per Östlund.

The software company, Roxen, was founded in Linköping by a couple of Internet pioneers in the 1990s. Since then, Roxen has developed various editorial and content management platforms for clients in Scandinavia, Europe, Latin America and the United States. Unidos. The company has around 30 employees and has its central office in Linköping (Sweden).


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Based on it’s own award-winning and powerful content management software, Roxen Enterprise CMS, Roxen develops web-based editorial and content management tools for multi-channel publishing and audience engagement for media and corporate applications. Customers include Shaw Media (US), Metronews (FR), TC Transcontinental Media (CA), Direktpress (SE), Metrojornal (BR), Metro International (Intl.), Pagemasters (AU), ADP (NL), Princeton University ( US), RTL Nederland (NL) and Verizon (US).

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