The Mercedes Vision AMG is a radical electric car that exposes how the Mercedes-Benz sports division sees the future of performance electric cars. It is, of course, a conceptual model that has been designed to show where the Affalterbach firm is headed, as it is in a new phase of product differentiation from its parent firm.

The Vision AMG is a conceptual electric car, and with it at the moment the brand only intends to give a sample of what is to come in its range in terms of design. Through it, in addition, the German firm wants to make its ties with Formula 1 clear by taking on the characteristic colors of its team in this competition, the Mercedes-AMG Petronas.

The most relevant and determining proof of the road that Mercedes-AMG is taking is that the Vision AMG is the first electric car that they have designed around the AMG.EA platform . A base not only specific for electric models, but also for AMG electric models, since the brand understands that the performance needs of an electric sports car are not the same as those of the brand’s conventional models, and therefore its base must correspond to its mission as a product.

In fact, Philipp Schiemer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG, himself affirms that AMG is in the midst of reinventing itself: “AMG is reinventing itself. As with our founding fathers, here in Affalterbach there has been an incredible feeling for a long time. of new beginnings. The course has been set for an electrified future and we have set the bar very high. Because our customers expect something very special from electric cars.”

In terms of electric and hybrid sports cars, Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG are two of the manufacturers with the most experience behind them. They already made the first move more than a decade ago with the SLS AMG Electric Drive, while ultimately their plug-in hybrids and Mercedes-EQ-derived models are attesting to their sapience. A tonic in an electric key that will become the usual from 2025, according to Schiemer.

In terms of design, and beyond how spectacular a conceptual model usually is, there are several details that set the tone on its exterior, and those that Mercedes-AMG will presumably incorporate into its production models. Among them, the design of the front light clusters emulating the three-pointed star of the logo of the brand, as well as the grille with vertical slats characteristic of AMG.

The rear, meanwhile, is reminiscent of the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX because of the aggressive rear light, which serves as an aerodynamic appendage. It has also wanted to make a nod to its past and present through the ring-shaped lights, which emulate the shapes of exhaust outlets.

Beyond having clarified that the Vision AMG is based on the AMG.EA platform, the brand has not wanted to go into details about the numbers of its electrical diagram.

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