The advantages of hybrid work: 4 hours gained and more than 100 euros saved each week

The advantages of hybrid work: 4 hours gained and more than 100 euros saved each week

Cisco ensures in a study that 77% of employees who have embraced this formula have improved their well-being.

The pandemic has caused the way of working to change forever, opening the doors to more flexible models, such as telecommuting or hybrid work .

Regarding the latter, the technology company Cisco has just presented its global study Hybrid Work 2022 , which analyzes its impact on employees and companies, as well as the challenges that organizations have to face.

The study shows that more than 75% of the Spaniards consulted consider that their tasks can be carried out with the same success remotely as in the office, while almost six out of ten (58%) consider that the quality of work has improved and that productivity has increased.

In the rest of the countries, the results obtained would be along the same lines. Globally, 76% of employees say they can carry out their usual tasks remotely without any problem . In addition, 6 out of 10 indicate an increase in the quality of work and productivity index.

The report analyzes the impact of hybrid work in five areas: well-being: emotional, financial, mental, physical and social . 77% of Spanish workers affirm that they have improved all these facets. In the global average the figure rises to 78%.

8 out of 10 Spaniards consulted note a better balance between work and personal life (79% world average) . Flexible work schedules (62%) and the reduction or elimination of commuting times (57%) would have contributed to this improvement (62% and 53% overall).

By working from home, half of the Spaniards surveyed (52%) ‘earned’ at least 4 hours a week for their private life (64% global), and one in five Spaniards (18%) increase this figure up to 8 hours or more (26% world average).

Employees have been able to spend that time with their family, friends and pets (45%), increasing their social well-being. Thus, there is 68% of Spanish workers who assert that teleworking has helped them improve their family relationships. In the world average, the percentage that supports this statement is 74%.

It is also noticeable in the pocket

Telecommuting not only saves time, but also money. 74% of Spaniards say so. The average would be 137 dollars a week (the global average is 157 dollars), which would mean a saving of more than 7,000 dollars a year for Spaniards (8,000 dollars a year on the world average).

For 9 out of 10 Spaniards, money has been saved, above all, on fuel and travel . Behind it is the lower spending on food and entertainment. This aspect has become so visible that 7 out of 10 say they would take all this into account when changing jobs.

More exercise and less stress

Hybrid work would also be beneficial for other things. 63% of those consulted in Spain think that their physical condition has improved with teleworking (68% worldwide). 7 out of 10 Spaniards now exercise more, with an average increase of 117 additional sessions per year (71% and 130 in the world). Likewise, two thirds of Spaniards (65%) affirm that hybrid work has had a positive impact on their eating habits (68% global).

Taking into account all these aspects of well-being, 78% of Spanish workers consider that hybrid work has made them happier (82% worldwide) . More than half of those consulted in our country (57%) confess that their stress levels have been reduced (55% overall) and one in five (20%) feel more relaxed and less pressured (29% overall). the world).

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