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Katja Krasavice is part of the jury at DSDS 2023 – yet! Between her and Dieter Bohlen it has come to a hard dispute. But who is Katja Krasavice? She now has over 3.6 million followers on Instagram and over 3 million followers on TikTok. However, she became known mainly through YouTube and her participation in “Promi Big Brother”. Her trademarks are her provocative clothing style and her heavily made-up face. Her stage name “Krasavice” means “beauty” or “beautiful woman” in Czech. Fans especially appreciate her strong self-confidence in addition to her YouTube successes.

Katja Krasavice

NAME Katja
SURNAME Krasavice
PLACE OF BIRTH Teplice, Czech Republic
AGE 27
DATE OF BIRTH 10.08.1996

Katrin Vogelová, as “YouTube Barbie” Katja Krasavice’s real name is called, always finds ways to attract attention. She became known as a scial media star. For years, she has also been successful as a singer. After her appearance on Promi Big Brother 2018, she repeatedly made headlines with her strange promo actions, various plastic surgeries and scandalous Instagram posts. Currently, she is (still) part of the jury of DSDS 2023.

Hardly recognizable: Take a look at how Katja used to look in the clip

Katja Krasavie is (still a juror) on DSDS 2023.

On the RTL casting show DSDS 2023, Katja Krasavice (still)sits on the jury with Dieter Bohlen, Pietro Lombardi and Leony. They all have a musical past in common. Together with Leony, Krasavice produced the song “Raindrops” for her third album “Pussy Power”. With producer Dieter Bohlen and singer Pietro Lombardi, she recorded a new edition of the Modern Talking song “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul.” In the music video, Pietro Lombardi and Katja Krasavice walk down the aisle. Dieter Bohlen mimes a priest.

Shortly after the start of the TV broadcast of the final season of DSDS, there was a heated argument between Katja Krasavice and “pop titan” Dieter Bohlen. The reason was a performance of candidate Jill Lange at a jury casting. Prior to her DSDS appearance, Lange had appeared in a number of reality TV formats such as “Are You The One”, in which she had attracted attention as sexually permissive in her dealings with male candidates.

Dieter Bohlen said during the DSDS casting that Lange had done nothing else since her high school graduation but get “nailed” in TV formats. The background to his statement: the 22-year-old candidate had decided to pursue a career as a reality star after graduating from high school.

Dispute at DSDS 2023: Katja Krasavice attacks Dieter Bohlen

Shortly before the TV broadcast of this scene, Krasavice criticized her DSDS jury colleague Bohlen as an “old, white, sexist guy” who was slutshaming. In addition, Katja published a disstrack on TikTok. The 69-year-old Bohlen then told the “Bild” newspaper that he had little to do with Krasavice and that RTL also let people on the DSDS jury whom he personally thought “sucked.” It quickly became clear that the dispute between Katja Krasavice and Dieter Bohlen was unlikely to be settled.

In addition, Katja Krasavice made several attacks on Bohlen. In another TikTok video, the Czech-born actress claimed that Bohlen was lying in the “Bild” interview. In it, he had also stated that he was “not so stupid” to let Krasavice’s number. “Not true!” the rapper claimed. As proof, she shows a chat history that allegedly took place between the two. In it, Bohlen praised the 26-year-old for her performance in their joint song “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul,” and he even asked to be on the cover, according to the chat transcript.

Krasavice also accuses Bohlen of being hypocritical – publicly he distances himself, but behind the scenes he wants to profit from her success. She also claims that the musician works with people he doesn’t actually like for the sake of success.

According to “Bild,” Bohlen has since demanded that Krasavice be removed from the RTL jury. She should no longer sit behind the jury desk during the live shows. After all, Krasavice’s attacks on Bohlen could not simply be cut out of a live show. RTL commented on this in response to an inquiry from the “Abendzeitung” newspaper: “The DSDS live shows don’t start until April. There’s still enough time to settle personal disputes.”

The relationship between Dieter Bohlen and Katja Krasavice is now considered completely poisoned. In addition, Bohlen, for his part, also followed up and said to Katja’s criticism: “We have two completely different attitudes. I say: ‘The good Lord has put diligence before success. Do an apprenticeship, have a plan B.’ She says, ‘Look, I made it without an apprenticeship.’ You have to accept that. But I hope that not many people take that as an example.”

Biography of Katja Krasavice

Katja Krasavice, whose real name is Katrin Vogelová, grew up less than glamorous in a village in Saxony. There, her parents owned a farm with various animals. Her German father brought Katja’s Czech mother and her three children to Germany shortly after Katja’s birth in 1996. Even during her school years, she liked to show off and walked to school in a mini-skirt and high heels. Even then she had to take a lot of criticism for that. Due to her open nature and various juicy details from her sex life, the stares and accusations did not change much compared to back then. What did improve, however, is the number of people who stand firmly behind her. In recent years, she built a huge loyal fan community in Germany.

Katja Krasavice’s YouTube career

Even during her school years, Katja didn’t let the weird looks get her down and started her own channel on YouTube. In the beginning, she covered songs by Miley Cyrus, but YouTube deleted them right away for legal reasons. She appeared on the platform in Pamela Anderson style, who was one of her biggest role models at the time, along with a few Playboy bunnies. In addition to music, her videos are mainly about lifestyle, funny challenges and, above all, her sex life.

Rappers Cardi B and Nicki Minaj were among her biggest idols, who, like Katja, had their breasts, lips and other body parts surgically embellished. In 2017, she released her first single “Doggy”, which made it to #7 in the German single charts. In addition to her music production, she continued to release entertainment videos on YouTube, including with Micaela Schäfer. Her level of fame continued to rise as a result, which is why she took part in “Promi Big Brother” in 2018. There, her bathtub scenes achieved cult status, and she herself made it to 6th place in the end.

As “Boss Bitch” to the musical breakthrough

After the debut single “Doggy,” Katja’s musical career quickly took off with songs like “Dicke Lippen” and “Sex Tape.” These songs brought the content of her YouTube channel to the people in audio form. Her albums “Boss Bitch,” “Eure Mami” and “Pussy Power” were very successful and all landed at No. 1 in the German album charts.

With singles called “Sugar Daddy” and “Gucci Girl” she underlined her Barbie reputation. With the new songs in her luggage, she wanted to go on “Boss Bitch” tour in 2020, but Katja Krasavice had to cancel it early due to the Corona pandemic. on “Boss Bitch” tour, but Katja Krasavice had to cancel it early due to the Corona pandemic.
Schell she was accepted by the greats of the German music scenes: In October 2020, the blonde released the single “Million Dollar A$$,” which was a feature with German rapper Fler.

Currently, the former erotic youtuber focuses only on music. Meanwhile, the old content of her YouTube channel has been removed, and only her songs can be found on the video platform.

Katja Krasavice satisfied herself in the bathtub on “Promi Big Bother”.

On “Promi Big Brother” 2018, Katja Krasavice delivered probably one of the raunchiest TV moments of all time: She satisfied herself in the bathtub on the Sat.1 show in front of running cameras and other contestants.

Katja had to put up with a lot in her youth

When Katja was five years old, one of her half-brothers was diagnosed with cancer. A short time later, he lost his battle against the disease. Her oldest half-brother was often a criminal and took his own life in prison. She has not had any contact with her father for a long time, as he used to molest Katja’s childhood friends. With her mother, however, she has an even stronger bond. She supported her early on and always stood by her despite much criticism.

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