Amandine Pellissard


Name Amandine Pellissard
Profession Actress, Influencer
Residence France

Amandine Pellissard was born in 1986 in Franche Comté, France, to a Franco-Italian mother and an Algerian father. At the age of 12, her parents divorced. A few years later, her father lost custody of her because of a family incest affair.

A large family

In 2006, at the age of 19, Amandine Pellissard became pregnant with her first child (Léo). The boy’s father, who had been in prison, did not assume his role and left her as a single mother. She later met her current husband Alexandre, who raised Léo as his own child and adopted him in 2022. In 2012 the couple welcomed their second child, Léna, followed by Alina in 2013, Louna in 2014, Adam in 2016, Charles in 2018, Hector in 2019 and Octave in 2020.

In June Amadine Pellissard announced on her Instagram that she was pregnant with her ninth child. Unfortunately, shortly afterwards, she announced that she had suffered a miscarriage at 13 weeks’ amenorrhea.

From large family to Adult Star

In 2020, Amandine Pellissard, mother of a large family living in Besançon, decided to take part in the TV show Familles nombreuses, la vie en XXL broadcast on TF1. In November 2022, after several seasons of the program and a summer spin-off, Les Pellissard decided to leave.

After her success with viewers, Amandine Pellissard has built up a solid subscriber base on social networks. Thousands follow her on Instagram. After gaining notoriety both on TV and on social networks, Amandine Pellissard joined the Shauna Events influencer agency, headed by Magali Berdah. The celebrity mom publishes daily lifestyle content on her social networks and also collaborates with brands.

In November 2022, after announcing their breach of contract with TF1, Amandine Pelissard and her husband reveal that they want to go into the adult film business. They opened a MYM account in 2022 at 9.99 euros a month, which they also promoted on the family’s Instagram page. The couple’s change of career led to controversy, particularly on television, where they were invited on numerous occasions to debate with columnists, as on Touche pas à mon poste (C8).

In 2022, Amandine Pellissard announced that she would be writing an autobiographical book about the incest she suffered and her life as the mother of a large family.

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