If your company has a car or you are the driver of a company vehicle, surely you have had a breakdown. It is also common that you have had to use the spare parts to repair a fault in the car.

The 8 most common car breakdowns

There are good options on the market to buy spare parts, there are many platform where you can search, compare and buy spare parts for cars. We know that there are several that can be expensive to repair and that is why the care and maintenance of your vehicle is essential.

Due to greater use and great wear, company cars are the ones that can suffer the most. Due to this, we will show you below the most common faults in this class of motor vehicles:

1. Body corrosion

Company vehicles, depending on the sector in which they offer their services, can go through all kinds of weather conditions and more if we take into account the seasons. If your car doesn’t sleep in a garage, it’s possible that the body can corrode easily.

There are many factors that occur so that the vehicle suffers from this inconvenience.

2. Electronic problems

Every day it is more common for cars to include more technology in their systems. For this reason, one of the most common problems today is the electronic part of vehicles, something that can become a real headache.

In this aspect, it is key that you have a reference on how these systems work and how developed they are. There, yes or yes, the brand of the car is essential, since it is known that some have better development than others in this area.

3. Coolant leak

The loss of coolant due to leaks is one of the most common breakdowns in company cars and cars in general. The most frequent cause is the failure of the pressure limiting mechanism of the lid that makes the liquid evaporate.

The water that cools the engine to prevent it from overheating is vital for its proper functioning. If you have this problem, just fix the leak or change the part as soon as possible.

4. Parking brake released

If at any time you notice you have to pull the handbrake a lot for it to do its job, it may be loose. This breakdown occurs more than you can imagine and is caused by using it more than necessary when it is in good condition.

In addition to the above cause, the slack parking brake can be generated by lack of lubrication in the cable and the system components. Similarly, the corrosion that affects the cables by drying and oxidizing them, can seize the brake.

5. Saturated catalyst

When you feel that the engine has lost part of its performance, one of the most obvious causes may be the poor condition of the catalytic converter. This is clearly noticeable with the engine idling and during acceleration.

Catalyst saturation is produced when the combustion process is not completely efficient and the fuel arrives without burning it. If the company car is used only for very short runs at low revs, there is a high risk of this happening.

6. Steering leaks

The power steering works by means of a liquid, which can have leaks. Typically, the leaking substance smells like burning oil and is usually red or pink in color.

These types of leaks can be easily seen if you can see a small puddle on the ground under the rear of the engine. If you have a jack, jack stands or a ramp, you have the ability to directly check the zipper for leaks.

7. Bearings

When you hear a noise like a buzzing, rattling, or even a growling noise that increases with acceleration or when the vehicle turns, it is very likely that the bearings are bad. A loud and constant screeching noise when the car is moving or banging noises when driving over uneven roads are also other symptoms of this fault.

This can be caused by impact or very bad road surfaces, difficult terrain conditions, modifications to the car or the use of low-quality bearings. The bearings have an average useful life between 130,000 and 160,000 km, but this depends largely on the class of these elements.

8. Suspension arms

You must be clear that the suspension has the arms as its basic structure. You can realize that these are broken when your vehicle does not travel correctly in the lane and easily goes out.

You can also notice it when there are rattling noises on every bump and a screeching sound when turning or when the front tires wear unevenly. If these break, you would be facing a serious fault that can lead to the loss of the car’s direction.

The above are eight of the most common breakdowns that occur in company cars. These can be caused by lack of maintenance, driving errors, poor quality of some parts or simply because some parts have already completed their useful life.


As with every vehicle, it is essential that you carry out regular check-ups to avoid major breakdowns or find a solution in time. It is clear that company cars have much more wear and tear than family or personal use, so they require greater care.

Therefore, if at a certain moment you have to go to the replacement of a part, you must take into account that it is of quality. The auto parts market is so big that there are many options, so it is very helpful to have a price comparator at hand, with which you are on the safe side and you will have the best support.

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