Nowadays, there are many different ways to generate income and work, especially through the creation of quality audiovisual content to share on social networks and / or streaming platforms, something that we are seeing with numerous and constant examples.

One of the ways to generate income in a simple and practical way is through an affiliate program. These programs are agreements between an advertiser and an affiliate, by which the rules for the recommendation of products are established.

What is an affiliate program

An affiliate program is a way to generate income by recommending products or services of a certain company .

The affiliate program is offered by a company or platform that is dedicated to the sale of certain products or services, in which people who are dedicated to the creation of digital content and who have a large audience can register.

An agreement is established between the advertiser (the company or platform) and the affiliate (the person who creates digital content) through which the rules that will govern said program are recorded.

The affiliate will recommend the products or services in exchange for a percentage of the sales made thanks to their recommendation.

1. Who participates

There are three main agents that are part of an affiliate program: the advertising company, the affiliated person and the affiliate’s audience.

The advertising company is the one who proposes the products or services that will be available to promote in the affiliate program. For this, they will give the affiliate a link that they must copy in their recommendations.

The affiliate must be a person who is dedicated to working on social networks or on the various streaming platforms, through which they reach a wide audience from different parts of the world.

It is the affiliate who will recommend the advertiser’s products or services, in turn offering promotions to their audience, who will be able to purchase said products with discounts through the link provided by the affiliate.

Finally, the audience refers to the public that follows the affiliate, that consumes their digital work and that is faithful, that is, that trusts what the content creator recommends.

2. What are the requirements

While anyone can sign up for an affiliate program, not everyone will be selected.

First of all, the interested person must access the platform they wish to be a part of and complete an online form with their personal and professional data.

The requirements can vary according to each advertiser, but in general there are certain rules that they all share.

Among these rules is that the affiliate must have a large and loyal audience, that it must be verifiable, it must have a certain amount of time dedicated to it and the product or service that it is going to offer must be consistent with its content.

That is, the affiliate must look for platforms that offer affiliate programs according to their audience, to the taste of the people who follow them. Otherwise, it will most likely not be in the best interest of either party.

3. How it works

Affiliate programs, as we mentioned before, are agreements that are established between an advertiser and an affiliate with a certain audience.

Although each affiliate program on the different platforms has its own characteristics, they generally all offer similar rewards.

Whether it is products or services, companies pay a percentage of the sales of said products to the affiliate.

In order for this to be possible, and to verify which of those sales are directed by the affiliate’s recommendation, the advertiser provides a link through which the affiliate’s audience can enter the site.

In addition, this link allows the affiliate’s public to access discounts when purchasing one of the products or services offered.

For each purchase made by people in the affiliate’s audience, the advertiser pays a certain percentage previously agreed, or better said, made explicit.

4. How to sign up

To sign up for an affiliate program and become part of it, you just need to follow a few simple steps. Whoever wishes to take part must take into account the requirements requested by each company.

First, the person who is interested in doing so must enter the website of the company or platform that interests them. Once there, she should look for the section that says “affiliate program”.

Not all companies have this option, but most of them do, especially if they are globally known companies or platforms.

In the affiliate program section, the person will find an online form that they must complete with some of their personal and professional information.

That form will be analyzed by the advertiser, who 24 or 48 hours later will give an answer to the person who sent it.

To be admitted to an affiliate program, the requirements indicated by each platform must be met, such as being of legal age or having a loyal and broad audience.

The time it takes to return the accreditation or not to the program depends on each particular company. In general, it is not before 24 hours and not after 48.

The most recommended

There are many affiliate programs that can be found on different platforms, but some are more recommended than others, either because of the percentage of income they grant, as well as the quantity and quality of the products and services they offer.

Among the most recommended affiliate programs are those of CJ Affiliate, Awin, AffiliaXe, GiddyUp, Impact, Prelinker, Admitad, Affilinet, eBay Partner, among others.

In any case, each affiliate will be able to find the program that best suits their tastes and needs, and also the style of their audience.

There are many benefits that affiliate programs provide. Both the advertiser, the affiliate and the audience benefit from this type of program, these new ways of generating income through digital work.

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