The company based in Austin, Texas, has requested that the state be the center that supplies it with products and so far there are already 10 companies signed up.

After the wave of investments that are arriving in the state, one of the financial news to highlight is that of the Tesla company, which has chosen the state as its supply center for the manufacture of its electric cars.

In an interview -Multimedios platform, Iván Rivas, Secretary of Economy of the state, revealed that the company has requested that their suppliers be in Nuevo León.

“They want their value chain to be close to them. Its Tesla production center is in Austin and the company has suggested Nuevo León as a base for its supply.

“There are already 10 suppliers that manufacture different components such as the computer (Quanta Computer), manufacture of sensors, seats, harnesses, plastic parts or aluminum that stop the battery,” he mentioned.

He said that this will increase, because Tesla continues to promote Nuevo León as a base for its supply.

“This will have a multiplier effect as it outlines the formation of an electromobility hub in Nuevo León,” he stressed.

The American company Tesla is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and is responsible for designing, manufacturing and selling electric cars, propulsion components for cars, solar roofs, solar photovoltaic installations and home batteries.

The secretary also referred that the vast majority of the investment is from the manufacturing industry (automotive, aeronautics, household appliances, metalworking, machinery and equipment, transportation and storage), more than 75 percent.

The best time for FDI

The investments that are arriving are not only due to the nearshoring trend, but also due to a series of factors that are influencing the world environment that has translated into “a great moment” for Nuevo León.

Iván Rivas assured that this inertia in the flow of foreign direct investment (FDI) could well reach levels of 5.2 billion dollars by the end of this year, this compared to the 4 billion dollars that were achieved in 2021. That is to say, it is “an unreal growth”.

“This means that the companies have already said that they will invest in Nuevo León, but they have not defined amounts, or the municipality where they will settle, the vast majority are from the manufacturing industry.

“If we compare the second quarter of this year against the second third of the previous year, we grew 400 percent. The growth we are seeing is unreal, it has never been seen before, they are excessive levels, this is very good for the state,” added the official.

In the accumulated, FDI stands at two thousand 600 million dollars from January to June 2022; 50 percent are expansions and the rest are new investments.

“If we continue with this trend, we will end the year with more than five thousand 200 million dollars, this is a goal of more than 25 percent and it is the product of nearshoring.

“From October 2021 to date, the Nuevo León Ministry of Economy has 90 confirmed FDI projects, 50 percent are expansion and the other is new; Of these, more than four billion dollars have been confirmed with the generation of more than 40,000 new jobs,” Rivas pointed out.

The official affirmed that the state is prepared and equipped to receive this wave of Foreign Direct Investment flow.

“We have physical infrastructure, human capital, geographical proximity to the largest and most important market in the world, the United States, there is land available for the development of industrial buildings, offices and housing; in addition to natural gas, energy and water”, he pointed out.

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