The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles makes some recommendations to prevent vehicle theft, one of the most common crimes in the United States

According to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLSHMV), vehicle theft represents one of the most lucrative crimes in the entire United States. Those who carry it out take advantage of opportunities: they often choose the most careless and unwary victims. Sometimes it can be difficult to recognize because many people may mistake it for a parking violation in the state and come to believe that their car was towed.

For this reason, this state agency invites drivers who do not find their cars in the place where they parked it to immediately call the local police to confirm that it is not a theft. If the police do not have any type of information about the trailer, they will provide information on the steps to follow to file the report corresponding to the theft, buying time to be able to locate the vehicle as soon as possible.

Although it is a very common crime, the FLHSMV also believes that it can be prevented by following a few tips to keep your vehicle safe. These suggestions or recommendations should be practiced daily to reduce the chances of becoming another victim.

What should I do to prevent my car from being stolen?

Based on the statistics, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) makes some suggestions to drivers to improve the security around their vehicles, avoiding being victims of theft. Such suggestions are as follows:

1. In public parking lots and garages, make sure the vehicle is locked and parked in a safe, well-lit area.
2. At home, check that the vehicle and home are safe before going to sleep.
3. Remove the keys and lock the windows and doors when leaving the vehicle. Never leave a vehicle unattended while it is running.
4. Never leave valuables in a vehicle.
5. Check the VIN before buying a vehicle, that way you can find out if it has been stolen and avoid future problems.
6. Install anti-theft devices in the vehicle. Passenger vehicles account for 75% of stolen vehicles.

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