Auto Maintenance: How you should clean the floor after your car spilled oil

Auto Maintenance: How you should clean the floor after your car spilled oil

Problems that lead to oil leaks sometimes occur over time, but regular vehicle maintenance can help prevent some oil leaks. This can prevent having to clean and scrub oil stains later.

Oil leaks from your car not only affect the performance of your car, they also dirty and damage the appearance of the floor where you park your vehicle.

So if your car has an oil leak, it is best that you make the necessary repairs as soon as possible and then you must attend to the stain you left on the floor. Also, washing the floor of your garage or in the entrance of your house as soon as possible is essential so that the stain comes out without much problem.

How to clean up oil right after a spill occurs?

You may need professional help to fix an oil leak, but you can clean up the stains it leaves on your own. A common method for cleaning up recent oil spills is to use baking soda and water.

Start by putting baking soda on top of the oil, this is done to absorb the oil. Once you’ve completed this step, add water to the baking soda and oil and rub the stain. You should then have a paste of water and baking soda, which you can then rinse off.

Give the area time to dry and then you are done cleaning the oil stain.

There are also other remedies you can use to clean up an oil spill, and like the original baking soda solution, many involve items you probably already have around the house.

You should not forget that these remedies are for fresh oil stains and will most likely not work on old, dry stains. For those types of marks on the floor you may need other types of products, hot water and a pressure washer.

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