• Ford has announced that just a week after reopening orders for the Maverick, it has had to close them again due to the high demand for the pickup. Dealers can still order 2023 Ford Mavericks for lot inventory, but good luck finding exactly the Maverick you want.

The Ford Maverick is a bigger hit than most people imagined, and Ford seems to fall into that group. Since its launch, the compact pick-up has met with sky-high demand, making it exceptionally difficult to get your hands on one. In fact, demand is so high that Ford is closing its order banks for the 2023 model year just days after finally reopening them last week.

Ford explains the reason for the closure of orders

According to the Maverick Truck Club, Ford issued a statement to dealers explaining the early closure of the order bank: “Customer demand for the Maverick has continued to be incredibly strong. Coupled with ongoing supply chain challenges and the importance of focusing on existing orders, we are making the decision to disable the ability to re-order the 2023 model year Maverick based on the dates shown below. ”

Ford reopened orders on September 15

Orders finally reopened on September 15 after Ford closed them in January, but they didn’t last long. Tuesday, September 20 will be the last day to customize your own Maverick Hybrid, and if you want a 2.0-liter EcoBoost, you have until Wednesday, September 21. Dealers will have until 10 p.m. on both days to close the order books for each model, meaning any customers who don’t get an order can be left waiting until the 2024 Maverick shows up.

Unfortunately for customers whose 2023 Maverick orders don’t get built, Ford isn’t offering a 2023-2024 model year transition like it did for 2022 model year buyers. That means you’ll have to go through the process again on next year, apparently without any special privileges to jump the line.

If you want a Maverick 2023 you should hurry to go to your nearest dealer

Dealers will be limited to the number of 2023 model year retail orders they can accept based on allocation and parts availability. So if you still want to spec your own 2023 Ford Maverick, you’d better call your local Ford dealer ASAP and hope one of them still has a slot available.

If there are no holes left, customers will still be able to get a 2023 Maverick, but it may not be the one they wanted. Dealers will still be able to order 2023 Mavericks for their own inventory, and those that are delivered can be purchased off the lot.

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