What license do you need to set up a Food Truck in New York?

At Globe Live Media we explain, step by step, all the requirements you must meet to obtain a license to set up a Food Truck in New York

Food trucks or food trucks have had a significant boom in recent years, which is why they have become an attractive business opportunity for thousands of Latinos, especially in New York State. If you are one of those who have considered this venture as an opportunity to change your life, you should know that you will need a license before setting up your own Food Truck.
The license to set up your own Food Truck, in New York State, is called a Mobile Food Vending License, and is required for anyone who will prepare or serve food from a permitted mobile food unit.

This license is issued by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), and is in the form of an identification card with your photo on it.
Requesting this license requires that you complete a series of steps that we will explain here, at Globe Live Media.

What should I do before applying for a New York Food Truck license?

Before applying for a New York State Food Truck license, you must complete the following steps:

1) You must obtain a Certificate of Authority to Collect Sales Tax from New York State. This document is requested online through this link, and it takes approximately 20 days to receive it after making the request.
2) Anyone applying for a Food Truck license must pass the Mobile Food Vendor Food Protection Course. This must be done before applying for the license. The application for this course costs $53.00 dollars, you can apply for it here.
3) You must provide proof of address at the time you apply for the license.
4) You must provide a Social Security Number or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN).
5) You must provide a valid government-issued photo ID. For example, a driver’s license, passport, or employment authorization card.
6) You must have authorization from the New York City Environmental Control Board, which you can request through the NYC Business portal. This authorization must reflect the name of the corporation, partnership or LLC.

Once you meet all of these requirements, you are ready to apply for a license to set up your Food Truck.

How can I apply for a New York Food Truck license?

To apply for a license to operate a Food Truck, you must fill out the Mobile Food Vending License application form.
Once you have completed this application, you will need to take it, along with any additional documents mentioned above and others that may be required, to the New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP). )

The procedure is simple, you just have to schedule an appointment (in advance) at the DCWP. You can do this in two ways:

1) By sending an email to
2) Calling 212-436-0441.

A DCWP representative will respond to your request within two business days.

You must wear a mask at all times that you are in the Licensing Center and arrive alone for your appointment.

The address is:

New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) Licensing Center 42 Broadway, Lobby New York, NY 10004.